How To Set Up Comcast Email on Windows 10 & 11

set up comcast email in windows 10 , set up comcast email in windows 11
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Comcast email service has gained immense popularity in the market and is well-known for making business communication easier. You can now easily send your important business reports, pdf files, and other important documents as attachments to your clients and vendors. Therefore, before utilizing this email service, it is mandatory to set it up. This explanatory guide has provided simple ways to set up Comcast email on Windows 10 and set up Comcast email on windows 11.

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Stepwise Instructions to Setup Comcast Email On Windows 10 & 11

Wondering how to set up a Comcast email on Windows 10 & 11 and are unable to find the exact match? Don’t Panic! Your search ends over here. Below we have listed some of the simple steps to easily set up your Comcast email without making much effort.

Step 1. In the initial stage, ensure you have installed the updated version of Windows. There are numerous issues that might lead to problems for email, for both webmail and the Windows 10 application, until Microsoft has launched the updates. Therefore, to run the updates, hit the Windows Start menu and then opt for the Settings option followed by Update & Security.

Step 2. If any updates are waiting to be installed, you must get it on your system. However, if a reboot is required after the installation, you must save your work first. For this, tap on the Check for Updates button until it notifies you that your device is updated as per the latest version.

Step 3. If you are encountering issues while registering to your Comcast’s email, it will now get resolved. Proceed further to the next steps to set up the Comcast email.

Step 4. Two things are required to set up your Comcast Email on Windows 10 & 11 i.e, the email address and password linked with this account.

Step 5. After that, open the mail by tapping the Start menu and then opt for the Apps option.

Step 6. Next, scroll down to the M section and opt for the Mail option.

Step 7. If you won’t set up any accounts in the Mail till now, you will be displayed with a Welcome screen. If that’s the case, select the highlighted Get Started button and proceed further.

Step 8. On the other hand, if you have already set up any other email account previously, your Mail will automatically open on the screen. If that’s the scenario, move ahead.

Step 9. Following this, choose the highlighted + Add Account button.

Step 10. Now, tap on the “Cog” or “Gear” icon at the bottom corner of the left column in the Mail App.

Step 11. Once you get the Settings menu on your screen, choose the Accounts menu item > + Add account button.

Step 12. Following this, from the Choose an Account list, navigate and opt for the Advanced Setup option.

Step 13. Then, pick the second entry and Internet Email from the Advanced Setup list.

Step 14. Next, you will be presented with a bunch of settings.

  • The first thing is that you have to insert an Account Name.
    Also, you have to keep the name from which you wish to send an email. Usually, this name would consist of your first and last names.
  • Within the field of Incoming mail server, type “” and set the Account Type as IMAP4.
  • After this, in the User Name field, insert the Comcast Username.
  • Also, you have to mention the correct password within the Password field. Along with this, within the Outgoing (SMTP) email server field, insert “”.
  • Apart from this, you must verify that you have marked all of the checkboxes and then tap on the Sign-In button.
  • In the end, hit the Done option to accomplish the process.

Winding Up!!

So, we have arrived at the end of this post and hope you have gained immense knowledge on how to set up Comcast Email on Windows 10 & 11. However, if you still have any issues, consult one of our professionals by connecting with our experts +1(855) 359 2550 . Our experts will take a little time and immediately assist you in resolving your issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Comcast also provides you with an option using which you can easily set up personal email with Comcast. For this, you have to perform the steps given below.

  1. Initially, login to and then hit the Account icon > Account and Identity.
  2. Following this, hover your cursor over the Xfinity ID and Security beneath the Your Information section.
  3. You have to tap on the Add Personal Email from your Information section.
  4. Insert the email address you wish to add with Comcast, then hit the Continue option.
  5. As a result, it will send the verification code to the email address you previously mentioned.
  6. In the following window, insert the six-digit code and tap the Verify option.
  7. Finally, you will receive the confirmation message on your screen.

Ans. There are multiple issues that users might face while utilizing the Comcast webmail, and below we have discussed all of them.

  1. You might face issues while syncing Windows 10 with Comcast.
  2. Sometimes, it may occur due to misconfiguration of the Comcast webmail.
  3. In other instances, it may arise when you receive issues while sending or receiving emails.

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