AOL Email Login

Have you ever thought about the basic requirement for logging into your account? Yes, it is the username and password related to your email account. Similarly, you need the correct login credentials to log in to your AOL Email account. You failed to enter your account if any username or password is incorrect. Sometimes several different issues also arrive, which obstruct retrieving the account. People often didn’t understand why they couldn’t log in to their AOL email accounts. Due to this error, sometimes some urgent work might also get hampered.

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Primary Issues arise During Logging in AOL Email Account.

All AOL users witness many AOL Email Login problems because they can’t fetch their emails. These errors caused hindrances in the working of the people. For instance, they must send urgent emails but can’t sign into AOL mail. It irritates everyone a lot as the ongoing task will stop and can lead to a chaotic situation. So before knowing how to AOL email troubleshooting, let’s get introduced to the error that appears for AOL Email Login problems.

Here is the list of most general AOL email issues: 

  • Enter the right username, but you can’t log into your AOL email account.
  • Sometimes, the error comes up that your password got changed.
  • “Invalid password” and “Invalid username” are common errors that pop up.
  • An error like “First time signing in here” appears.
  • Trying too many times to get into the account.
  • When the AOL website is not working properly.
  • Unstable Internet connection.
  • The invalid setting of the server.
  • Irregularity in the functioning of the AOL website on iPhone.

Different Ways to Login to Your AOL Email Account

AOL is not a small platform; therefore, there is no single way to log in to your account. There are two different alternatives available to get into your email account of AOL. Look below to learn the methods and the steps to log in according to that methods.

Log in through the official AOL Website.

  • Start the process by opening the browser and then the official website of AOL.
  • Tap on the menu of login, appearing on the top right side of the website.
  • To log into your email account, you must remember the username and password of your account. Enter the login credentials in the required sections.
  • Now hit the “Log in” button after checking the details twice.
  • In the end, You will get directed to your AOL mailbox, where you can find all your AOL emails.

Log-in in AOL email account by using the AOL App

The second alternative to accessing your AOL email account is the App of AOL.

  • For this method, ensure you have the AOL app on your device. So, search for it first.
  • If you can’t find it on your device, download it instantly from any source you are comfortable with.
  • Let the download gets completed. Click on the app and open it. The page opens in front of you and asks for your login details.
  • Carefully put the username and the password of your account in the recommended boxes and press “Ok.”
  • A new window will pop up on your account. You can now check your emails from any segment, i.e., inbox or outbox.

Note: There is no need to enter the username and password again and again. As it gets saved in the app, your account is opened every time you open it.  

Why do Customers Contact the AOL Customer Support Team?

As we have already been introduced to the common AOL email login problems, it’s time to know under which situations people call. It indicates the circumstances where people don’t understand what to do. These situations are as follows:

  • When they couldn’t create their password again.
  • In a matter of not receiving OTP when trying to log in.
  • At that time, when the Email we entered showed as expired.
  • When the server of the website is not functioning.

Ways to Fix the Sign in Error Particularly

Here, in this section, all the main errors are given along with their procedure to get rid of them. Know about AOL mail troubleshooting by looking below as all the possible solution is mentioned.

  1. Error due to authentication

This error normally arises when you aren’t liable to that particular account but try to log in. The primary factor for this error is the incorrect setting of the browser or using an outdated version. Troubleshoot this error by following the stated ways:

(i) Change the browser

Internet Explorer is not regarded as the apt browser for AOL. It is recommended to shift your usage to another browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Trusted sites are the right sources to add AOL.

  • Firstly, You have to click on Tools > Internet Options > Security.
  • Now, it’s your turn to click on the Trusted sites option and then on the sites option.
  • After this, tap on “Add this website to the zone.” A new field enter in which you have to enter and click on the Add option.
  • Lastly, restart the web browser and see if the error persists.

Enable the Protected Mode

  • Start the process by opening up the browser. Then click on Tools > Internet Options > Security > Internet option.
  • Succeeding this, fill in the Enable Protected Mode option’s checkbox and click on the ‘Trusted sites’ icon.
  • In the end, close the browser and restart it again. Check whether the error gets resolved or not.

Deactivate the Add-ons and run the browser again

  • Follow the tasks given in a flow, i.e., Start > Windows > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools.
  • In the appearing window, Select the browser and untick the option “No Add-ons.”

(ii) Revamp the settings of the browser

The incorrect security settings of the web browser are a major factor for all the AOL email issues. Hence, correct it after reaching the browser’s settings section, particularly for each.

2. In the case of not working of AOL website

Updates keep coming to the AOL website regularly, so if you bookmarked the old link of the AOL website, then eradicate it. And update your browser to tackle the AOL email login problems.

3. When the account of AOL doesn’t login on iPhone

The solutions are given if you can’t access your AOL email account while using it on your iPhone.

  • Begin the process by unlocking the iPhone and going to the settings tab.
  • Look for the menu named Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  • Now, tap on the option “Add account,” and under it, click on other.
  • Go with the alternative “add AOL email account.”
  • Under the Incoming Mail server, choose IMAP and fill in the
  • Hostname:
  • Username:………
  • Password:…….
  • Now, reach to fill the Outgoing mail server, choose SMTP here.
  • In the next option of the mail server, go with and enter
  • SSL: SSL
  • Serverport:
  • After all this, you can access your AOL email account on your iPhone.

4. Hindrance in loading the main website of AOL

Encountering snags in loading the website of AOL as it is the factor responsible for AOL email login problems. Eliminate this issue by the implementation of following steps:

(i) Restart Your Web Browser

Sometimes, the AOL mail issues only originate because of some glitches in the browser. So it can only get fixed by restarting the browser; after restarting, log in again to your AOL email.

(ii) Remove the cache data

Cache Data was sometimes a hidden source of all the AOL email login errors. So it is suggested to delete the cache data regularly along with the cookies and history saved in the browser. It frees up some space on your device and gives the void to AOL to run properly.

(iii) Set the firewall settings

In many instances, the firewall becomes the reason due to why AOL doesn’t load properly. Tackle this error by performing the following steps:

  • Remove the enablement of “Web Filtering.”
  • Ensure that you have given access to to your browser.

All the mandatory information about the AOL email is highlighted here. The AOL email issues, factors originating AOL email login errors, and the methods to troubleshoot the AOL email errors. If you are still struggling, call or mail us to connect with our experts and receive assistance instantly.