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How To Resolve Comcast IMAP Server Not Responding?

Comcast is a popular email platform among the people of the United States. They provide one of the best services to their users so that the users can use it for both personal and professional use. Apart from its great email services, Comcast also provides services like Internet and cables. However, at times the user faces technical difficulties while accessing the Comcast email, like the mail server is not responding. For such times, we have created this blog for you; go through it and resolve your problem. 

What Does IMAP Not Responding Mean?

There can be a lot of reasons which can create a Comcast Email not working error. If you want to learn more about why the mail server is not responding, let us explain it to you.

1. Slow Internet Connect

You need to check if the issue is because of the Internet connection you are using. At times, the inter-server goes down, or the speed of the Internet connection is slow; this can create issues while accessing Comcast Emails.

2. Issues Due To The Computer Or The Application

At times, problems may arise because of the System you are using. So, you need to check and verify the System as well.

Note: Solutions to a problem like these are simple and easy, but sometimes, if you are not able to solve these problems with simple methods, then you may need someone who has high technical knowledge. In situations like this, you can contact our technical experts at +1-855-359-2550.

3. Comcast Server Down

Comcast server down is not a common problem for the users, as this doesn’t happen often. But there are days when you are not able to access your Comcast Email account because of the server problem from Comcast email service providers.

4. Server Setting Issue

You can face the mail server not responding, because of the wrong Comcast email server setting as well, So review the server settings, as it is the most common problem faced by Comcast users.

5. Inappropriate Email Activity

At times, your Comcast email stops working because of some inappropriate activity from your Email. These activities may not be done by you intentionally, or maybe they are not inappropriate for you, but Comcast may find it improper, thus creating issues with the Comcast email working.

6. Wrong Comcast Email Password

If you have entered the wrong password to your Comcast account, you may face issues while accessing the Email. This is another common issue faced by Comcast users.

Ways To Troubleshoot Comcast Email Errors?

We have mentioned below a few ways to troubleshoot your Comcast IMAP Server Not Responding problem

1. Check The Network Connectivity

the mail server is not responding
Check the comcast Network Connectivity

The first thing you need to take care of before being anxious about your is not responding, is Checking the Internet Speed. If you want to access Email, your Internet speed must be great. To check the speed, Launch the browser, then open google, search for something, and check if you are able to access that page or not.

Note: If the page is not loading, contact your Internet service provider, and ask for help.

If the page is loading easily, then the problem behind the Comcast email error is something that you need to find.

2. Restart Your Application

Restart your application
the mail server is not responding

If you are facing an error in accessing the Comcast email, then close and then restart your application, this relaunch of the Comcast email can help you in fixing the issues that are creating issues.

Note: At times you even have to restart your System to fix the Comcast email issues.

3. Check The Comcast Server is not responding
comcast server

Server Down is a not-so-common reason behind the is not responding, but sometimes people do face issues in sending or receiving Email due to this also. To know about it, either search on Google if the “Comcast email is down today” or Check the Down detectors official website.

Note: If the server is down, wait for a few hours, and it will be recovered.

4. Reset The Comcast Email Password

Reset the Comcast Email Password not responding iphone

If you are not able to access your Comcast email because of the incorrect password, then reset and recover your Comcast Email password; you can check

5. Set Server Settings

the mail server is not responding is not responding

The major reason behind facing the mail server is not responding, error is the inappropriate server settings.
Take a look below at the settings, and check it with your setting to make sure that you are using the accurate server settings:

  • Comcast Incoming mail server name:
  • Comcast Incoming mail server port number: 993
  • Comcast Secure sockets layer (SSL): ON
  • Comcast Outgoing mail server name:
  • Comcast Outgoing mail server port number: (SMTP) 587
  • Comcast SSL encryption: Yes
  • Comcast Authentication: Just enter the Comcast username and password Not Responding To IPhone not responding to iPhone is not responding

If your is not responding is not working on your iPhone, follow the mentioned steps, or if you are finding any difficulties, contact us.

Here are the steps of authentication to does not support in iPhone:

  • Open your device and Go to the iPhone “Mail,” then hit the “Others” tab present on the screen.
  • Then a new page will appear on your screen; on that page, you have to click on the Next button after entering all the login credentials of your Comcast Email.
  • Then enter the server settings of the Comcast email for your iPhone with the POP/IMAP setting according to your selection of account type:

If you have selected IMAP as your Account type, then Comcast IMAP settings for your iPhone are:

Incoming server hostname-

  • Incoming mail server port- 993 
  • Use SSL- yes
  • Outgoing mail server settings-
  • Outgoing Mail server port- 587
  • Use SSL – yes

If you have selected the POP account type, then Comcast POP settings for your iPhone are

  • Incoming Server hostname-
  • Incoming mail server port- 993
  • Use SSL- yes
  • Outgoing Mail Server settings –
  • Outgoing mail server port- 578

By following this setting your not responding to iPhone error will get resolved.


If you are still getting troubles like is not responding, then you can simply contact us, call us at +1-855-359-2550 or email us your problems at we are available for you around the clock, with the best team of professional experts. Sometimes, people get confused while implementing these steps, so without wasting much of your time; you can get in touch with Comcast customer care. The professionals are available 24*7 throughout the day to resolve the queries faced by their customers.