how to add comcast email to iphone & ipad

How To Add Comcast Email To An iPhone Or iPad?

When the topic of discussion is Email configuration in your mobile device, it is not a difficult thing to do, but you must understand that to add Comcast email to your iPhone or iPad, you need to know all the important server details along with your email account login credential. In addition to that, to set up the Comcast email, you have to follow a manual procedure. So, in this blog, we have mentioned everything you need to know about to set up a Comcast email on your iPhone. 

Why Can’t I Add Comcast Email To My iPhone?

The reason why you may face Comcast email errors is that Comcast is a part of Xfinity now, and since April 2021, Xfinity stopped using the Xfinity Connect App, so you can’t view your email with Xfinity connect anymore. That’s why you need an alternate option to add your Comcast email to your iPad or iPhone. And that alternate option can be any third-party app like iOS Mail or Outlook. Now let’s understand the procedure to add your Comcast email with the help of Third-party apps.

Steps To Add Comcast Email On iPhone Or iPad?

Before Initiating the process of adding your Comcast email to your iPhone or iPad, verify that you have permitted third-party email apps, like Mail and Outlook, into your device.
To allow the third party

  • Go to the Xfinity Home page
  • Then hit the email icon, present at the top corner of the screen.
  • Then sign in to your Comcast email.
  • After that, hit the gear option, followed by clicking on the Setting option.
  • Then Click on Security from all the options that are available.
  • Then there will be a box in front of you with Third-Party Access Security written on it. Tick on it to allow the permission of the third-party app.

And you are done. This will help you by giving you permission to use Comcast email on your iPhone with the help of apps like Outlook or Mail.

Now Let’s Understand How To Add Comcast Email To Your iPad Or iPhone.

STEP 1. Go to the Setting icon on your iPhone or iPad.

Comcast iphone setting 
Iphone setting

STEP 2. Then there, you have to Click on the Mail option.

comcast Iphone mail setting 
add comcast email to iphone

STEP 3. After that, hit the Account option.

Comcast account add in iphone 
how to add comcast email to iphone

STEP 4. Then select Add Account.

Comcast mail setting 
comcast email iphone

STEP 5. Now, from the list of all the email providers, you have to select the Other option.

Comcast add account
can't add comcast email to iPhone

STEP 6. Then hit Add Mail Account.

Comcast add account to iphone 
add Comcast email to iPad

STEP 7. Provide all your Comcast email account information, like,

Comcast account to iphone 
how to add comcast email to ipad
  • Your Name (this will display on the screen on each of your outgoing messages.)
  • Your Comcast email address
  • And your Password.
  • You can also add a description note if you want.
  • Then once you are done filling in the details, Hit the Next Button to go further.
  • Here, the verification will be completed, and you can proceed forward.

STEP 8. Then switch your Mail option to ON and Notes option to OFF.

add comcast email to iphone
how to add comcast email to iphone
  • After that, click on the Save Button.
  • Now check the Accounts option, and verify if the Comcast account you added is present there or not.
  • Here you are done with adding your Comcast email to your iPhone or iPad.
  • At last, close the settings and Go to the Mail app again. You are done with adding your Comcast email to your iPad or iPhone.

STEP 9. Check the inbox to see if all the messages are present, and view the messages if needed.

how to add comcast email to ipad
comcast email iphone

Is Comcast Email POP or IMAP?

When you are talking about Comcast email, you must know that they are one of the best Email service provider companies that support both POP and IMAP. Therefore you can select any of them according to your need. But if you ask us or even Xfinity itself, everyone will recommend an IMAP Comcast server instead of POP servers.

The reason behind this recommendation is the issues you face with the POP server. POP creates problems for you in checking email from different devices. This is because the email you get using the POP server will get deleted from the website. Whereas with the IMAP server, when you send a mail, it will not be deleted from the website and will sync simultaneously on all iOS devices. Thus, with IMAP, Your email will be safe and synced with all the devices until you decide to delete it.
So, it is always advised to use an IMAP server instead of POP, even though Comcast supports both IMAP and POP.


There are various options you can opt for at the time of adding your Comcast email to your iPhone or iPad; you can contact our team of experts at any time to know more about it. We are available for you 24*7.
Feel free to contact us for any technical help.

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