Comcast Email Not Working On Iphone?

How to Fix Comcast Email Not Working On iPhone?

Email’s chief function is to send and receive emails. However, imagine what will happen if it fails to fulfill its most fundamental role? Considering the scenario with Comcast Email, many complaints come forward. The most common being that it has stopped working on the iPhone. Therefore, to provide the users some sigh of relief, this blog shares the stipulated piece of information. It presents to you a detailed analysis of the subject matter, and how to solve the issue manually. You can read it until the end to understand the procedure correctly. In addition to it, feel free to dial Comcast customer support number for further technical assistance.

Various Reasons That lead to this issue

There has to be a reason behind every problem that occurs in the technical field. Here are a few general reasons if you take the subject of Comcast Email not working on iPhone

  • The device does not connect properly to the internet
  • Miscalculations in the server settings
  • Low on storage space

Precise Solution for the Issue:

In the first place, you should try to reconfigure the Comcast Email account on iPhone. This would surely resolve your dilemma. Sometimes when a user enables the automatic incoming and outgoing mail configuration, the settings are not done appropriately. You can manually configure the same this time. First, remove Comcast Email from the device and then proceed further.

  • Click on the ‘Mail’ application on iPhone
  • Here you can see a list on the previously installed mail application
  • Tap on ‘Other’ option
  • Next, click on ‘Add New Account.’
  • Enter your Comcast Email Account credentials. These include your username, email address, password, and other necessary details.
  • Click on ‘Next’ after you have fulfilled the requirements.
  • The server will verify the information. If everything stands appropriate, email account will get configured on the Mail Client Application
  • The best way is to configure the account and change the settings manually.

For Incoming Mail Server Settings

  • Mail server hostname-
  • Username- Your name
  • Password- Comcast Email password
  • Server Port- 587

For Outgoing Mail Server Settings

  • Mail server hostname-
  • Username-Your name
  • Password- Comcast Email password
  • Server Port- 995

Once you are through with this important step, you can read a few tips that are shared below. If the server settings are correct and you are still not able to send/receive emails from the platform, you can follow the given guidelines

Tips to Avoid Such Errors

  • While you are sending emails, ensure not to exceed the permissible limit.
  • Make sure that the device connects to the internet without disruptions.
  • Check that you type the correct email address of the receiver.
  • Do not attach files more than 25 MB in one attachment
  • While sending a word file do not add special characters such as ( . * ‘ ) in the name
  • See if the mails that you receive are landing in the spam folder
  • Ask your receiver to check their spam folder for the same

There are a lot more tips and guidelines that a user can follow to avoid such errors. You can always dial Comcast Email customer care to consult the techies about the same at any time suitable.

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