How Do I Setup My Comcast Email On Android Phone?

setup comcast email on android phone
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Comcast email is considered as one of the best emails. You can access this email on any platform and device be it Android or iPhone or any other email like Outlook, Gmail, and others. If you want to set up your Comcast Email on your Android phone, then you can go through this blog. You can even consult the technicians by calling the Comcast email support that stays accessible at all 24 hours.

With its top-notch privacy feature, Comcast is among one of the best email service providers. This is a step-by-step guide to set up Comcast email account on your android device. Follow these steps and complete the procedure of setup.

Note: There can be minor changes in the steps according to the phone model you are using.

Before Initiating the Comcast email setup process, let’s first understand the prerequisites to set up Comcast email account on android.

Requirements Of Comcast Email Configuration On Your Android Devices.

There are a few requirements that need to be fulfilled before going further with the setup of Comcast email on your Android Devices.

  1. The device needs to be connected with a good speed Internet connection.
  2. Check the SSL; it should be on for both the IMAP and POP servers.
  3. You must have a Comcast email account and password to set it up on your android device.
  4. There should be enough space on your Android device.

Note: Before initiating the Comcast email configuration, it is always recommended to have a Backup of all the important and major emails and files.

However, the Comcast email account setup is not going to affect your email or files, but it is always good to have a backup, then to be upset about it in the future.

Changes In Comcast Email Set Up Settings

If you want to add your Comcast email to your Android device, then make changes in your incoming and outgoing email server settings according to the requirements. To link your email Account with your android device, the configuration should be like this:

Attributes Value required
Incoming server
Incoming port 993
Authentication required Yes
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 587
SSL incoming SSL

How To Set Up A Comcast Account On Android

To set up Comcast email to your Android device, you have to follow the below-mentioned procedure :-

STEP 1. Open the Gmail app on your phone,

adding comcast account to android 
comcast email set up

STEP 2. then you have to add an account; if you are already using an email account in the app, then click on the menu option.

Comcast emails
setup comcast account on android

STEP 3. After that, you have to hit the other options.

setup comcast account to android
comcast account setup

STEP 4. Then you will reach the email setup page; there, you have to click on the Others option.

add comcast account to android 
setup comcast account

STEP 5. Now, to add and set up your Comcast email account, click on Add Account

STEP 6. After that, provide the Comcast email account address and Hit the Manual setup option, present at the bottom of the screen.

xfinity comcast emails 
comcast email set up

STEP 7. You’ll be asked to verify your sign-in. Tap More options for other ways you can verify.

Xfinity comcast account 
comcast emails account setup

STEP 8. Now, you have to choose a protocol between IMAP and POP, click on Personal (IMAP), and provide your Comcast email account password.

The incoming server details are as follows:

  • Username: Your Comcast Email Account is your username
  • Password: Your Comcast Email Account Password
  • IMAP server:
  • Security type: Yes
  • Port: 993 or 143
  • then Hit the Next Button.

The outgoing server details are as follows:

  • Username: Your Comcast Email Account is your username
  • Password: Your Comcast Account Password
  • SMTP server:
  • Port: 587 or 465(SSL)
  • Security type: Yes
  • Then hit the Next Button.

STEP 9. Now you have to select an email check frequency, select according to your needs, or you can even leave it as it is and hit the Next button.

Note: It is recommended to choose the email check frequency as 15 minutes.

STEP 10. Now provide your Comcast account name and your name, and hit the Done option.

setup comcast email
comcast emails account setup

STEP 11. Here you are done with your Account setting of the Comcast email account on your Android device.

STEP 12. Check the inbox immediately

comcast account inbox 
setup comcast email on android phone

We hope the above-mentioned steps can help you in setting up your Comcast emails on your Android device. This is a tried and tested way by our team of professionals so that you don’t have to face any problems. However, if you are still facing any problems and want expert advice, you can call us anytime, as we are available all around the clock.
Get in touch with us to resolve your problem by calling on +1-855-359-2550, or you can even email us your problems at

Frequently Asked Questions

In April 2021, Comcast’s official app was discontinued. Thus, you can’t use it on your mobile devices. But to help you in accessing the Comcast email on your mobile Phone, the platform introduces the Xfinity Connect web portal.
Apart from this, users can also access multiple email clients, like Mailbird or Outlook, to send or receive Emails via Comcast email.

Are you wondering why you are not receiving Comcast emails on your Android device? See, there can be multiple reasons behind it. But first, check if you have entered the correct login details. After that, once you are sure about the perfection of the login credentials, check your Internet Connection.

Yes, to access the Comcast Email, you can use the Xfinity Connect App. It is free and easily downloadable that provides you with proper control over your emails, audio, and videos.

To set up Comcast email on an Android device, you have to follow a few steps:

  1. Firstly launch Gmail on your Android device.
  2. Thereon, Select the Add another account tab.
  3. Next, choose the Other option.
  4. Here on the Gmail setup page, select the Others option.
  5. Moving ahead, tap on Add Account, and write down the Comcast email account address.
  6. Now, select the Manual option, and re-enter your Comcast Account and password.
    Note: In case you don’t want to provide your login credentials again, select the Othe ways to verify.
  7. Provide the required incoming and outgoing server details along with other details.
  8. Select Email Check frequently, and hit the Next button.
  9. At last, enter the Comcast email account name and your name, and hit the Done option.

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The minimum requirement to setup the SBCGlobal Email on your Phone Android devices are:

  1. The device must need to be connected to a proper internet connection.
  2. The email setting configuration must be accurate.
  3. Your device should have enough space.
  4. You have to enter the correct login id and password.

Do you want to Add your Comcast Account to your Gmail? If that’s so, then let us guide you in a better way.

  1. Initially, click on the Cogwheel icon, then go to Settings.
  2. Thereafter, write down your Full email address, and hit Next.
  3. Select Accounts, and then you have to click on Add a Mail Account section.
  4. Now, choose the “Import emails from my other account (POP3)” tab, and select the Next tab button again.
  5. Provide your Username, along with the Comcast Email Password.
  6. Choose the Leave a copy of the retrieved message on the server option as well.
  7. Now, enter the POP Server As and the Port number as 995.
  8. Moving ahead, tick the Always use a secure connection (SSL) box.
  9. Select the Add Account tab, then choose No.
  10. At last, hit the Finish button to conclude the process.

The outgoing server name of the Comcast email is At the same time, the incoming server name is

One of the most common reasons that lead to Comcast email, not login problems, is the internet connection. Thus, make sure to provide strong Internet Connect. Apart from that, check the Comcast server or the Email setting configuration you have provided, as inaccuracy in the server details can result in a Comcast Email error.

In case you are wondering if the Comcast email is down today, then go to Google and search for it. You can find your answer in the top searches. Moreover, you can also use and find more details about the Comcast server.

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