How to Set up AOL Email on Android Device?

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In today’s tech world, most users feel at ease using their AOL mail more on their Mobile phone than their computer. The reason behind this is evident: With AOL setup on your phone, you can check your messages from anywhere and anytime. In this write-up, we will be sharing an efficient solution to help you know how to set up AOL email on an android phone.

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Furthermore, setting up AOL email on the android device requires configuring the AOL email account with the Gmail app on your device. It requires entering your AOL email address and password along with the incoming and outgoing server settings for AOL email, which includes IMAP and SMTP. The AOL email account will be set up accordingly once the settings are added and verified.

One important key to note is that the Gmail app is used to set up the AOL email account because it offers a user-friendly interface and supports the IMAP protocol, which is necessary to receive email messages from AOL servers. You need to ensure that your device has an active internet connection and the device is updated.

Advantages of Setting Up AOL Email on an Android Device

  1. You can easily access your AOL email from anywhere at any time on your android device at your convenience.
  2. All your emails, contacts, and calendar events will be automatically synced between your AOL account and android device.
  3. You can also respond to important emails, check your calendars for meetings, and maintain your contacts while on the go.
  4. You will receive real-time notifications for the latest emails, permitting you to stay up-to-date with your inbox.
  5. With that, you can easily use other applications on your android devices to enhance the overall email experience, such as adding attachments or sending emails using your voice commands.

Things You Should Know in Mind While Setting Up AOL on Android

There are some things that you should acknowledge before you set up AOL email on an android phone:

  1. First, you must have an AOL email account and password.
  2. Then, you need to ensure that your device has the Gmail App installed, as we will use it to set up the AOL email account.
  3. After that, you need to check to see if your device has an active internet connection.
  4. Now, enlighten yourself with the AOL incoming and outgoing server settings, such as IMAP & SMTP, which are required to set up the email account.
  5. Ensure that you device’s software is updated before the setting.
  6. Setting up your AOL email account on Android will be much smoother and quicker.

Steps to Setup AOL Email on Android Device

If you are using an android device and you want to add your AOL account to your mobile phone, then you need to follow these steps:-

Method 1. Use the Email App to Set Up AOL Email to Android :

Step 1. Navigate to the Email app on your android device.
Step 2. Click on the Vertical lines from the upper left corner.
Step 3. Next, hit the settings options, which look like a gear-like icon.
Step 4. When you are on your settings page, search for add account option.
Step 5. After searching, right-click on the add account tab.
Step 6. Click on the add new account, enter your AOL email address, and enter the password.
Step 7. Hit on the Sign in the lower right corner button.
Step 8. What this will do is it will try to connect it to the server, and once it connects to the server, it will add your email successfully.

Method 2. Configure AOL Mail on your Android Phone Via Settings :

If you cannot configure the AOL mail account via the mail application, you may configure it through the settings. Here, execute the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1. To start, unlock the android phone and navigate to the settings button.
Step 2. Click on the mail & accounts option and the Add account tab.
Step 3. Choose the AOL Mail option from the list.
Step 4. Now, add your email id and its password to move ahead.
Step5. Lastly, tap on the OK or Done tab.

Method 3. Manual Steps to Add AOL Email to Android Phone :

To manually set up the AOL email account, you need to follow these below-listed steps carefully:

Step 1. Navigate to the Email app on your Android device.
Step 2. Click on the vertical lines from the upper left corner and then choose the Settings option.
Step 3. When you are in your Settings Page, search for the accounts & passwords option.
Step 4. Hit the add account option and then click on the add new account.
Step 5. Enter the AOL email and other addresses and select the advanced setup option in the lower left corner.
Step 6. Next, you can select the POP3 or IMAP server.
Step 7. Also, if you are using the IMAP server as an incoming server, you can enter your AOL email account in the email address field and your email address with password in the username field and password.


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Frequently Asked Questions

To set up AOL mail on your Mac system, you can start the mail app first. Then, you will be left with an option to add an account. By using this option, you can input the information of your AOL email account and set it up.

  1. To set up your AOL email account through IMAP, use as the “AOL Mail IMAP Server Address.”
  2. You must enter your AOL Mail IMAP email address in the AOL username. Then, you can type the correct “AOL Mail IMAP Password.”
  3. When you are requested to acknowledge “AOL Mail IMAP Port,” type in 993; lastly, choose the yes option for the “AOL mail IMAP TLS/SSL Required” option.

The AOL email server settings help you to set up your account successfully. These settings are efficient for sending and receiving AOL emails. However, the server settings can differ depending on your device or software on which you are using the AOL email.

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