How to Add Aol Email to Mac

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Are you hunting for the best way to add AOL email to Mac? If that’s so, then you have arrived at the right section. In this detailed post, we have described the proper step-by-step instructions to set up an AOL email to Mac. After setting up the email, you can easily send and receive important emails through this email service without any issues.

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Things to Know Before Adding AOL Email to Mac

If you want to configure your AOL email to your Mac device, then before that, you need to make sure about a few basic requirements:

  • You must have an AOL Email account.
  • Verify your internet connection.
  • Review your Mac device and check if it meets the minimum system requirements.
  • Check the AOL Email Account Server Settings
  • In case you have the Mail app open on your device, close it before trying to Add an AOL email.
  • Review the email and password before hitting the Sign in button.

How to Add AOL Email to Mac?

The easiest and quickest way to setup AOL mail on your mac device is by following the instructions given below:

Step 1. Launch the Mail app on your Mac device.
Step 2. Navigate to the Preference option, now click on the Accounts tab, and hit on the + option.
Step 3. Now, Choose AOL and hit on the Continue tab.
Step 4. Provide your AOL email account along with the passwords and click on the Sign In button.
Step 5. Now complete the process for either IMAP or POP server setting.
Step 6. A new AOL mailbox will be created in your Mail app, which can help you send 7 receive AOL mail.

AOL Email Server Settings for Mac

Let’s now look at the Incoming & Outgoing Mail information for IMAP Configuration:

AOL Incoming Mail Server :-

  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Description: You can type a description if you
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • IMAP Port Number: 993 (SSL) or 143
  • Username: Your AOL email Account.
  • Password: Enter your AOL Email Password

Outgoing Mail Server :-

  • Description: Type a description if needed.
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
  • SMTP Port Number: 587 (TLS)
  • Username: Your AOL email Account
  • Password: Enter your AOL email password

Steps to Set Up AOL Mail on a Mac Using IMAP

All of us have an idea to send or receive emails with the help of a Web Browser, but Apple Mail made this process easier for you. You can check your AOL email & take advantage of its features through an App. There are two ways for that, i.e., POP & IMAP.

Both of them are easy to configure; you just need to follow the given steps:

Set up AOL using IMAP protocol :

Step 1. Initiate the process by opening Apple Mail.
Step 2. From there, you have to navigate to the Preferences option.
Step 3. Choose the Accounts tab, followed by hitting the + button.
Step 4. Tap AOL, and click on Continue.
Step 5. Moving ahead, enter your Name, AOL email, password, and description in the required boxes.
Step 6. Hit on Sign In.
Step 7. Now, you have to highlight the new AOL account in the list of Accounts.
Step 8. Tap on the Mailbox Behaviors option.
Step  9. Now go to the Sent pane, and un-check Store sent messages on the server.
Step 10. Next, in the Junk Pane, hit the Quitting Mail.
Step 11. At last, shut down the Accounts configuration window, and hit on the Save tab if you get the pop-up as Save changes to the ‘AOL’ IMAP account?

Steps Set Up AOL Mail on a Mac Using POP :

Step 1. Add your AOL account in the same manner as described above.
Step 2. Now, choose the Server settings tab
Step 3. Go to the Outgoing Mail Account menu, and hit on the Edit SMTP Server List.
Step 4. Click on the + Sign.
Step 5. Now, below the server name, you have to Double-click on the highlighted text.
Step 6. Enter the hostname as
Step 7. Provide your AOL username along with the password.
Step 8. Hit on Agree on the terms & conditions page.
Step 9. Next, you have to select the Apps that you want to use with the mail account.
Step 10. Next, hit on Done, and close the Accounts configuration page.

Wrapping it up!

We are concluding the Blog here and hope that this will help you while adding your AOL email to your Mac. However, if you still can’t add an AOL account to mac mail, get help from our professionals. Use the live chat option or email your queries to have a call with our highly experienced experts.

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