How to Restore Deleted Emails on Comcast Server?

restore deleted emails in comcast
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What is the one thing that can affect the way you use your email account? Yes, it’s the inbox of the email where you are not restoring any unwanted emails. There are times when you need to delete unwanted emails; however, while doing it, you accidentally delete an important email. If you have ever deleted an important email in Comcast by mistake, then you don’t have to panic, as this issue can be resolved easily just by following a few steps. You can restore deleted emails in comcast on the Comcast server by following the steps mentioned in this blog. 

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Facts you must know to Recover your Deleted Comcast Emails

Before going further with the steps to restore your deleted email, let’s learn a few questions that you must ask.

1.Does Comcast delete your emails on its own? 

At times, Comcast deletes a few of your emails to remove old messages from the Spam folder or the trash box. 
Apart from that, Some of the emails also get deleted due to malware infection in your System.

2.How many days do we have to recover deleted Comcast emails?

A user has 30 days to recover an email; after that, it will be deleted permanently.

3.How many emails can be recovered at a time?

There is no limitation; you can select as many emails as you want to recover. Simply select the first email and hold the shift button, and then select the last email that you want to recover. 

4.Can I recover an Unimportant email?

Whether it is an important or unimportant email, you can recover any of them within the starting 30 days; else; it will be deleted permanently.

What are the Steps to Recover Deleted Comcast Emails?

Now that you are fully aware of all the facts that are important for the restoration of your Comcast email, let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to do so:

Step 1.Launch your Web Browser, and go to the official website of Xfinity by entering in the URL bar.

Step 2.Now, enter and reach the Xfinity Login page.

Step 3.Thereafter, enter the Login Id and Password, in the given boxes, and click on Login.

Step 4.On the next page, Comcast inbox will be open; there, click on the Email tab.

Step 5.Select Comcast Mailbox & Folders.

Step 6.Now check the menu option available at the left panel of your screen; click on that to get a number of options. From those options right, click on the Trash folder.

Step  7.A drop-down menu will be open; there, you need to look for Recover Deleted Items.

Moreover, you even have an alternate option as well by which you can choose the Mail you want to restore with the help of the More Actions tab, available next to the trash Folder.

Step  8.Select the More Actions icon.

Step  9.Next, tick-mark the messages or Mail you want to recover.

Step  10.Now Hit on the Move selected items to move the delete message from Trash to the inbox again. 

Step  11.Next, Hit ok to complete the process.

Note: You can move these emails to the location of your choice with the Move tab. 

However, if these messages are deleted on their own, then you may have to contact the our Comcast Customer Care Team and ask for their assistance. 

Wrapping it Up!

Through this article, we have tried our best to provide you with authentic and appropriate information about how to restore deleted emails in comcast. Above, we have covered the steps that you need to follow to rectify this issue. However, if you need any technical help related to Email issues, you can contact our team via Phone +1-855-359-2550 or mail. Our accounting experts are available 24*7 to assist you with the best possible solution.

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