How to Reactivate Old AOL Mail Account?

Reactivate an Old AOL Mail Account
  Jan 21, 2021     Admin

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Is your AOL Mail getting deactivated? Don’t you know how to reactivate your AOL email? If yes, then you should know that your account got deactivated because it was unused for a long time. With your AOL mail account getting deactivated, you may not be able to access your emails and attachments. For getting access to your account back, you need to reactivate it as soon as possible. You may not be aware of the process you have to follow while reactivating your AOL account, at that time this blog can come handy. You can reach out to AOL support for communicating with experts for availing their help.

Why Your AOL Mail Get Deactivated?

You must be wondering why AOL email gets deactivated. If yes, then you can read the following points:

  • If you have requested for deleting your AOL email account, then your account will be first deactivated.
  • When you didn’t log into your AOL mail account for 90 days.
  • Your AOL email account was utilized in a way that it violated the term of services of AOL.

Steps to Reactivate AOL Mail Account

You need to follow the troubleshooting steps given below to reactivate your AOL account:

AOL Free Account

If your free AOL email account got deactivated due to inactivity, then you can easily reactivate it by using these tips:

  • Open your regular web browser and then go to AOL email login page.
  • Enter the username and password of your AOL email to sign-into your account.
  • Once you are successfully logged into your email, it means your AOL account is reactivated.

AOL Premium Subscription

For reactivating your AOL premium subscription account, you need to follow these steps:

  • You have first to open your favourite web browser and then visit the AOL email login page.
  • Enter your login credentials in the space provided and then click on the login button.
  • Once you have signed in to your AOL account, go to My Services tab present in your account homepage.
  • Now, you have to click on the Subscription option and then select the AOL service you want to reactivate.
  • In the subscription, you will see Information section and here you have to click on access URL to be opened in the new .page
  • In the page where you are directed, you have to enter your login credentials.
  • Now click on the Forgot Password and follow the screen instruction for recovering your password carefully.
  • Al last implements the instruction given on the screen for reactivating the AOL email account.

If your account is still deactivated, then you can reach out to AOL mail support for speaking with professionals who can guide you in resolving the issue. The tech experts are available 24*7 round the clock to fix the problem on your own.

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