What are AOL Mail Server Settings and How to Configure?

AOL mail server settings
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AOL Mail Server Settings allow users to access their AOL email account from another email client or app. After you have configured the AOL Mail settings, you can get access to Mail through any compatible email clients. And you are able to get some specific information about the account and your AOL Email. In order to gain access to the AOL Mail Messages and folders in the Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows 10 Mail or Thunderbird or any other compatible email provider, all you need to do is just enter AOL Mail IMAP settings.

You do not need to configure AOL Mail Settings on a different mobile app. Phones these days are already configured to have the Verizon AOL IMAP settings, other than the user name and the password. For instance, if you want to set the AOL Mail account on to the iPhone Mail app, then you should open the Account Setting section on the iPhone and then select the AOL icon. Thereafter, you should be able to open your AOL account in any mail account.

But before you do any such thing, you should have requisite information. Read on till the end to know more about Verizon AOL Email Settings.

AOL Mail Server Settings

You need to enter specific information when you try setting up AOL Email account with various email providers or apps. Using this particular information, you can access AOL from other email service providers. Also, you need to enter the following IMAP settings to receive the AOL Mail:

AOL mail server settings

imap.aol.com- AOL Mail IMAP server address
993-AOL Mail IMAP port
username@aol.com – AOL MAIL IMAP username
AOL MAIL password- AOL MAIL IMAP password
For Security, choose TLS/SSL

If you must know, IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. Internet Message Access Protocol is a process that allows users to access the electronic mail kept on the mail server. Thus, in simple words, an email that is stored on an IMAP server can be read, replied from the desktop computer even while working in the office or relaxing at home. Even while travelling a mail on an IMAP server can be accessed. One of the best things about the IMAP server is that you do not send and receive messages back and forth between the computers. This particular message access protocol is best for people who are dependent on using multiple computers kept in different locations. Using this protocol, you can simply manage all emails at a single place.

  • Firstly, you need to open Outlook on your system
  • Secondly, choose the File option and then click on the Add Account option
  • As soon as the new screen opens, you need to fill in your email address and then click on the Advanced option
  • Check the box that displays, “Let me install my account manually option”
  • Thereafter, hit the connect option and as soon as you click it, you need to choose the account type of your choice
  • Choose the IMAP option and check both your incoming and outgoing settings
  • Furthermore, you need to provide the password that system requires from you
  • Lastly, you have to click on the Connect option after you have followed the on-screen instructions.

AOL SMTP Settings Information

Should you want to send or receive a new mail from your AOL email account, then you need to make requisite changes in the settings while entering the AOL Mail SMTP settings. The setup may help you to send outgoing mails to AOL mail account through your account by following the below given instruction:

  • smtp.aol.com- SMTP Outgoing Server Address
  • 465– SMTP port
  • AOL email address user@aol.com- SMTP username
  • AOL Mail password- SMTP password
  • TLS/ SSL should be a security type.

How To Configure AOL SMTP Settings?

  • Firstly, you need to visit the Tools menu, and then go to Account Settings.
  • Thereafter, you need to choose the SMTP option.
  • Subsequently, hit on the Add button to setup a new SMTP.
  • After you are done, enter the requisite fields such as under the description field, you should analyze the best server out of Gmail or Yahoo.
  • As you know that SMTP email transfer does not allow cryptographic techniques. However, in order to make the connection secure, you must choose SSL/TLS extension.
  • For authentication, use techniques like Kerberos, passwords, and CRAM-MD. In this way, you can easily configure SMTP AOL Settings.

Missing Features From Other Mail Application

When you gain access to the AOL Mail account from other email applications, you can definitely send and receive emails. You can also access all the folders barring a few. Below mentioned are a few features that are not available for use in such cases:

  • Message Status: You would be unable to check the status of the sent messages unlike in the AOL Mail interface, where you can do it easily.
  • Spam: Report Spam button would be unavailable. If you want to report a mail as a spam, you need to move it first to the spam folder or the junk folder of the email client.
  • Deleted Mail: Deleted Mail option is not available in some email applications. While some mail applications do not show at all, some show but marked as deletion in the original folder.

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Guidelines For Common AOL Mail Applications

Followed is list of guidelines that one needs to follow for several other email applications:

  • Firstly, you need to access the Tools menu and then from the sub menu, choose Account Settings option.
  • Thereafter, click on the Account Action button and then select the Add option so as to add the Email account.
  • Subsequently, carefully put in the correct mail account details.
  • Consequently, hit on the manual configuration option and then edit the names of the servers, ports etc.
  • Thereafter, select the Re-Test option in order to test the manual settings
  • It will respond quickly if the manual settings are valid
  • In order to abort the testing process, you need to click on the Stop button
  • After editing the names of the servers and ports, you need to click again on the Re-test button

Windows 10 Mail

  • Under the Windows start menu, you need to click on the Mail
  • Thereafter, select the Add option in order to add the account
  • If the application has been used before, you should click on the Settings and then choose the Manage Account option.
  • Thereafter, you need to click on the Add option
  • Again, choose the account type you want to add
  • Subsequently, fill in the correct email information and then hit the sign-in option
  • After the process is done, click on the Done option. After the account is setup, it will start syncing the data.


Although if you are unable to configure AOL IMAP Settings and AOL SMTP Settings in your AOL Mail, then you can contact us for assistance. Our adept team of skilled professionals will provide you with the requisite advice and instant steps that can help quickly fix your problem and avoid wasting your precious time.

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