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Multiple users face the “AOL Mail is not Working on Android” very often. This issue is mainly caused due to bad internet connection on android mobile phones or server downtime on the AOL app. If you are facing something similar like this, you must ensure that you have a strong and stabilized connection or check the server problem to resolve it.

Speaking of solutions, there are various ways of fixing this issue. The following blog will cover this issue in a detailed guide to help you fix it. But, before jumping straight to the solutions, it is important to know what may have caused this issue in the first place.

Why Do You Face “AOL Email Not Working On My Android” Issue?

As we have already said in the upper section, that bad internet connection and server downtime are the factors that cause this issue on the AOL mail application. But, apart from all this, there are several issues as well that plays a major role in this issue:

  • Issues With the Browser:- If you use the AOL mail application on the browser with overloaded cookies and issues, you may find sending and receiving mail on the application difficult.
  • Overloading AOL App Cookies and Cache:- Too many cookies and cache can lead to such an issue. Also, not clearing out the cache and cookies for a long time can cause corruption which, with time, begins to clash with the app causing these issues.
  • Disabled Auto-Sync Function:- It may be possible that the auto-sync feature is disabled on the application, so you are not receiving emails.
  • Outdated Android Version:- If you are using the older version of the android device, you may face this issue, and as for the prior versions, with time, it starts causing multiple issues on the application, and AOL mail not responding on Android phones is also one of them. But for receiving any application’s latest updates whenever the new versions are available.
  • Incorrect Configured AOL Mail Settings:- In this scenario, you may need to configure the mail settings properly and be unable to send or receive emails on the application.
  • Corrupt AOL installation Files:- It is possible that due to an interrupted or incomplete installation procedure, the app files may have gotten corrupted. This can also cause various issues.

Methods to Resolve AOL Mail is Not Working On Android

Method 1. Have A Strong Internet Connection

If your AOL mail is not working on Android, it is likely due to poor internet connectivity on your device. In this scenario, check your connection on your Android device and ensure that you have a stable internet connection. If you find such unstable or weak, make sure to follow these below-mentioned instructions to stable your connection:-

  • Check Your Data Usage, and if it exceeds the daily limit, you can boost your current pack with an add-on data pack.
  • Also, if you are using mobile data and the connection is weak, you can try stabilizing it by turning it off and on flight or mobile data.
  • Try switching to Wi-Fi or vice versa seats.

Method 2. Restart the AOL Mail Application

Sometimes, the application has internal issues or glitches that may have interrupted the emails from sending and receiving. And here, you can force-stop the application, and restarting it will fix the issue.

  • Make sure to visit the AOL mail application icon on your android device.
  • Press on the app icon and choose the App Info button.
  • Now, click on the Force Stop button to quit the app.
  • You can now open it by tapping the icon on your Andriod’s home screen.

Once you have launched the app, check to see if you can send or receive messages on the app.

Method 3. Login Again Into Your AOL Mail Account

Due to incorrect account details, you cannot access your emails on the application. Sometimes, the app uses the saved old password to log in directly into the account, which can, later on, create a clash and occurs AOL mail not to work on android issues. Hence, you can sign out and log into your account with the correct credentials to access your emails.

Execute these below-mentioned steps:-

  • Launch Settings on your Android mobile.
  • Navigate to the Users & Accounts section.
  • Click on your AOL mail account and choose Remove account to log out from your account.
  • Confirm your account deletion by clicking on the Remove account tab once again.
  • Once logged out, you can restart your device and visit the settings option.
  • Now, you can enter your AOL credentials to log in to the account.

Method 4. Change Your Browser

If you are using the mail app on the browser, and the AOL mail is not working on Android, it might be because your current browser is facing some issues. By relaunching the browser and checking if your emails are working or not. If you still face the same issue, try switching to another browser.

Method 5. Clear Your Browser & App Cache

An overloaded app or browser cache may lead to such issues. You need to clear the cache occasionally to avoid getting such issues. Execute these below-listed instructions to wipe out the app and browser cache.

On the Browser:
  • Run the Settings application on your android phone.
  • In the next step, navigate to the App management.
  • Choose the Google option from the app list.
  • Navigate to the Storage usage option and click on the Clear Cache option.
  • You can reopen the AOL app and see if the emails work.
On the AOL application:
  • Navigate to the Android Settings.
  • From the settings, click on App management.
  • Then, you can navigate to the AOL app and choose it.
  • Click on Storage Usage from the next screen.
  • Hit on the clear data and clear cache buttons one after another to wipe the cache data.
  • Once you have cleared the cache, you can reopen the app and check the issue yourself.

Method 6:- Enable the Auto-Sync Feature

The disabled Auto-sync feature can also restrict the emails from Working on AOL. So, make sure to enable the feature to receive emails on the application. Here, you can follow the below-listed steps:-

  • To start, you can open the settings app on your android device.
  • Next, click on Users & Accounts, choose the AOL mail account, and press on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner.
  • You can now select the syncing option data or enable the auto to fetch.
  • Once you finish that, wait for emails on the application.

Note: These steps and options solely depend on the device and version.

Method 7:- Reconfigure Your AOL Mail Settings

As we have said earlier, an incorrect configuration of mail settings can give you a hard time with this issue. Overall, you need to reconfigure the mail settings properly to resolve AOL mail is not working on Android.

Make sure to follow these below-listed steps:-

  • Launch the AOL mail application on your android phone.
  • After launching the app, you can enter your credentials.
  • Go to the Outgoing and then Incoming mail server settings.
  • Then, navigate to IMAP account settings and check the below-listed settings:-
For Incoming Mails:
  • Enter your IMAP Username & Password.
  • Then, choose the Incoming server as
  • AOL Mail IMAP Port – 993
  • Security – SSL & TLS

Once you are done with these settings, you can navigate to the SMTP preferences and check the settings with the provided information down below:

For Outgoing Mails:
  • First, enter your SMTP username and password.
  • Then, select your incoming server as
  • AOL mail SMTP Port which is 465.
  • Security – TLS/SSL

You can save these settings, exit the AOL mail application, and run it again to check whether your emails work.

Method 8:- Update Your AOL Android Version

The AOL application updates automatically when the latest version is available. Your android device needs to be up-to-date, and you must ensure you are using your Android device’s updated software. If not, follow the instructions below and update your Android mobile.

  • Firstly, run the Settings app on your android device.
  • Choose the Software update category.
  • And, on the next screen, you will see the latest version if there’s any available.
  • Click on the Download Now option to start the installation procedure.
  • Wait till the software gets updated.
  • Lastly, your phone will automatically restart and downloads the latest software.

Now, you can open the AOL app and check to see if you can access your emails.

Method 9: Re-Download AOL Mail App

Suppose the methods mentioned earlier do not seem feasible for you and do not fix the AOL mail not working on the android issue. Then you can re-install the application. For this, you need to uninstall the application first and then re-install it to get over the issue.

Here, you can follow these instructions:-

  • Navigate to the AOL Mail app on your Android home screen.
  • In the next step, press the icon and tap on the Uninstall tab.
  • Press on the Uninstall option yet again.
  • Once you have installed the app, you can visit the play store and get the latest version of AOL mail from there.
Concluding Part

This blog has covered multiple methods to help you fix “AOL Mail is not working on Android.” If you need a different method, you can contact the AOL support team directly to get help from well-qualified experts. You can contact customer care service anytime on +1(855)359-2550 to help you with related queries.

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