How to Fix AOL Email Not Sending Problem ?

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AOL email platform is a widely utilized email client that provides an exceptional range of features with complete security. But, there come times when AOL fails to complete its basic task, such as sending emails. We have devised multiple solutions for the AOL email not sending issue.

Responsible Factors of AOL Not Sending Email Problem

There are various reasons why AOL has not been able to send emails. Such as:-

  1. Problem with the internal memory storage
  2. The Outmoded version of the browser
  3. Damaged mail account settings
  4. Browser’s cache and cookies
  5. Pop-up application blocking AOL functioning
  6. Firewall and other security system issues
  7. Issues with attachments or pictures.

Fix AOL Email Not Sending Problem Instantly

If you cannot send emails from AOL, there are a few troubleshooting methods you can use to solve your issues with AOL mail.

Method 1. Restart Your Computer

Restarting your device occasionally may resolve the AOL email not sending issues. That is why we highly advise you to restart your computer before you take any hard steps. By doing this, you can also clear your device’s internal memory.

To restart your device, go through these simple steps:-

  1. To begin, click on the Start button, and from there, choose the Power button.
  2. Afterward, select Restart from the menu that appears on your window screen.
  3. When your system restarts, you can send some emails.

Method 2. Change Your Browser

There is a saying, “if you cannot change the circumstances, change your perspective.” In this case, you try changing the browser cause issues with the browser are the main reason behind AOL email not sending problem. In short, there are two options available; one is to update your browser, or you can install a new browser.

Method 3. Check Your AOL Display Name

The foremost important thing is that there should be no combination in your AOL display username. Also, the faulty display name will stop you from sending emails from your AOL account. You need to go through the AOL email settings. If your AOL account has been compromised, you can adjust email settings to help fix the AOL email issue.

Method 4. Discard Browser Cache & Cookies

You are clearing your browser to restore the original state of the browser. So you can clear out the cache and see how it works for you. Footprints are still stored on your browser, and removing caches may resolve the AOL email issues.

Method 5. Check Your Email Sending Limit

AOL has set a sending limit that shouldn’t exceed. Once the limit is exceeded, AOL won’t permit you to send more emails. Besides the email sending limits, there is a limit for attachments, and users need to ensure that both limits are followed accordingly.

Method 6. Resolve AOL Account Issues

You must also look for other errors if you need help sending emails from your AOL account. To check issues with the AOL email account, try these below-listed steps:-

  1. Log in by using your web browser.
  2. Then, compose an email, click “To,” and type in your AOL email address.
  3. If you receive your email in 5 minutes, there is no issue. But, if you sense any issue, then you need advanced troubleshooting.

Method 7. Disable the Firewall Settings

Firewalls and other security programs can stop you from sending emails from your AOL account. Moreover, you can disable the antivirus and send emails from the AOL email account.

Method 8. Fix Issues With Images

This one special scenario needs exceptional troubleshooting. If a picture challenge shows up while you send an email, complete the challenge by answering correctly. But, if you cannot send emails after finishing the CAPTCHA or the image challenge, you must secure your AOL mail account by adjusting the security settings.

Method 9. Set Up HTML or Rich Text

You need to ensure that you choose the Rich text or HTML in your mail settings. However, this will fix your issues with the forwarded images or mail with images. This issue can be why AOL emails do not send emails.

Extra Useful Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some useful quick fixes that will help you fix AOL if it’s not sending or receiving emails.

  • If you are dealing with this error on Android or iPhone, you must try turning Airplane mode on & off and then see if the issues regarding the email not sending issue got fixed.
  • Also, you can remove and add your AOL account on your Android & iPhone device to resolve the issue you are facing while sending or receiving emails.
  • Ensure that the AOL server is doing just fine, as if the server is down for a specific reason and you cannot send or receive emails.
  • Delete all the junk, such as cache, cookies, and temporary files, from your computer, as it can also affect the functioning of your device. As a result, you might need help sending or receiving AOL emails.
  • If the AOL Desktop is not opening, you cannot use it. So, ensure you meet all the dead-ends to download this application.
Final Words

This write-up explains the useful ways to troubleshoot AOL email not sending issues. We have explained all the tricks & hacks and hope you find them useful. If you have any more questions related to this query, you can reach out via live chat, as our representatives are there to assist you anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your AOL account may be sending spam messages. Due to compromised security, your contacts may receive spam mail from your account. Or you need to set the correct display name, and this error may be coming up soon.

Web-browser issues can be why Outgoing AOL emails need to be sent. That’s why you prefer clearing the cache of the browser. You can switch your web browser and use the AOL account.

You must check your account thoroughly for errors to fix the AOL-related issues. Ensure that your email sending limit has not been crossed. In addition, you can temporarily disable the firewall of your system.

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