How to Fix “AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails” Issue?

aol mail not receiving emails
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AOL webmail is quite popular among consumers for its secure and reliable services. But at one point, users feel they are having issues with their incoming messages. Aol mail not receiving emails issues are not permanent, but they need immediate action; otherwise, they can affect your ongoing workflow.

Sometimes, users need to remember to clear out their inboxes, and the new emails do not get the space they require, so new messages do not show in the inbox. The issues of AOL mail not receiving emails can be fixed if you follow our informative guide that includes efficient tricks & techniques to resolve these issues.

Factors Responsible For AOL Emails Not Receiving Emails Issues

  • Bad Internet Connection
  • Issues With Server
  • Typing error from the user’s end.
  • The receiver may have clicked on the sender’s email address
  • An Email has been saved to the junk & spam folder
  • Your inbox is full of emails, and there is no space for the latest messages.

Effective Tips to Fix “AOL Not Receiving Emails” Problem

  • Ensure you choose the “Newest First” option from the “Sort By” option if you are not receiving the latest emails.
  • Check the Trash & Spam folders.
  • Make sure to check all the custom folders that you have.
  • Disable all the filter settings and turn off the mail forwarding.
  • Check to see if you have blocked the sender or are facing issues with “AOL mail not receiving emails” issues.

Best Techniques to Resolve the AOL Not Receiving Emails Issues

Those users who are not able to receive emails on their AOL email account can try the expert-recommended tips mentioned below:

Method 1. Ensure to Check Your Filters

Email filters can affect the path of your incoming emails, and you can save them somewhere else instead of saving them in the inbox. You need to check the filter rules accordingly to sort out your incoming. You need to be sure that the filters you have created are helping you to sort your messages and do not disappear.

Method 2. Check the Server Settings of AOL

Yet another reason why you are experiencing the AOL Mail not receiving emails issue can be the invalid AOL server settings. Also, the incoming and outgoing server settings are important for the seamless sending and receiving of messages, and the settings may be essential for every user of the mail apps.

Method 3. Turn Off “Mail Forwarding”

When the mail forwarding is turned on, all incoming emails will be sent to the account you chose to forward them to. This function will suit users who must handle multiple accounts via a single mail account. If you do not need it and it is still turned on, you might be experiencing AOL email not receiving emails.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Once you have done that, click on Forwarding and then turn it off.

Method 4. Reboot Your Browser

If you cannot receive emails on AOL via your regular browser, then it indicates that the cookies are obstructing the effortless communication procedure. In this case, the best way would be to reset the browser, and once you have reset it, you can access your webmail again.

Method 5. Update Your Browser

Sometimes the problem lies within the outdated browser. You can quickly resolve this issue by simply updating its mail settings. Afterward, you can try to access your AOL email account, and you will not find any problem working with it.

Method 6. Check Your Network Connection

When you cannot receive AOL emails, the most important action that you should take is to check your network connection. If the internet on your computer is not working properly, you will surely face this issue. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any network errors while using the webmail.

What to do When Your AOL Mail Stops Receiving Emails on your iPhone?

You need to check your device’s internet connection to resolve the issue. If you have good internet speed, then go ahead and follow these steps:-

  1. Launch Settings apps on your iPhone.
  2. Click on the Mail option and then choose the Accounts tab.
  3. Afterwards, Tap on the AOL account.
  4. In the end, turn on the Auto-fetch data.

You can exit from the settings app and launch the mail app again. Check to see if it’s getting emails. If it’s in Auto-fetch, data settings are on, but if you still face problems, you can delete the mail account from your iPhone. Then, you need to add it via the correct mail settings and re-set your account with these steps:

  1. Go to the settings app and click on the Mail option.
  2. Next, choose the accounts option>>AOL mail account.
  3. You can now choose the Delete account option and reboot your iPhone.
  4. Go back to the settings and then go to the mail again.
  5. Enter your email address and password for the AOL account and hit the Done tab.

Here’s How You Can Resolve AOL Mail Unable to Receive Emails Query on Third-Party Apps

In other cases, where you find yourself in a situation where you cannot receive emails while using a third-party email service. If that’s the case, you must check if you have entered the correct AOL server settings.
As explained before, IMAP & POP3 are the protocols responsible for incoming emails, and you have to choose one of them to begin receiving emails from a third-party email client.

IMAP, as we all know, stores all the emails on the mail server and not on your service, as that makes the information easily accessible, and you will automatically receive all mail information whenever your device or computer is connected to the internet.
If you choose POP3, the information will only be stored locally, and this makes this possible for you to read all of your emails even in the absence of a network.

Ending Note

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