Set Up 2 Factor Authentication in Comcast

How to Set Up 2-factor Authentication in Comcast Email?

Data security is a crucial task in this cyber world. Following the same lines, Comcast offers 2-factor authentication using the Xfinity Authentication app, which adds up the shield for logging in and accessing most of the Xfinity services. Two-step verification is famous as a Recovery option. It focuses on creating a protection layer to Xfinity web pages, my account, and other Xfinity apps and need verification code Xfinity ID password to sign in. We have tried to list steps to add a protective layer, but if you stuck at any step, please contact Comcast email support as certified experts are always available to aid their customers.

Users can use SMS text via registered mobile number or via email to send a third-party email address which will receive a verification code. To add a security layer, users can set up Two-step verification in MY account by following the steps listed below. Another method to set verification is by Xfinity Authentication app from mobile.

This is designed to provide security to users’ data, so it also keeps a secure process to enter into the loop verification. It will ask for a verification code each time you sign in with your device. But it also gives the facility to save the password so that it will not ask again and again, which implies that you only need to enter the verification code when the user signs in with another device.

Steps to Enroll two-step Verification in Comcast

Step 1: With your email id and password, sign in to my account

Step 2: From the top of the page, choose the Setting tab from the menu bar.

Step 3: Now from the left menu bar, select Xfinity ID and password

Step 4: Next step is to choose the Two-step verification option from the right side of the page, followed by the tap on the Edit button.

Step 5: A confirmation message appears when the user toggle the two-step verification button on to enroll.

But users must keep in mind that updated and verified phone number and email id on account to enroll in two-step verification.

Users can further edit or add these details by selecting the Setting option by going on My Account.

Step 6: Next time, your registered mobile phone and email id will receive the verification code for which a dialogue box will pop up on the screen when you sign in with the same account for next time.

In case you don’t receive any verification code, the user can ask for a new verification code by selecting the Text New code link displayed on the sign-in page.

Step 7: Users also can receive a verification code on the registered mail id by using the email link. You can click on the Email new code link displayed on the sign-in page for the new verification code.

Step 8: Features of Two-step verification can be turned off, in that case, the authority will send a notification to the customer by email. In case you are notified about the changes, the users are advised to sign in then verify the changes.

After applying all these steps, supreme two-step verification contact information is also essential. To sign in to the account, enter the correct credentials and choose the option to update the confirmation and save the changes. These steps will surely help you to carry a protective layer for your data. If you cannot add this shield to your data, then reach out to the Comcast support number or you can email your query and seek the best assistance in any issue related to two-step verification.

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