How to Recover Deleted Aol Emails with Easy and Latest Steps?

recover deleted aol emails
  Jul 21, 2022     Admin

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Have you accidentally deleted the important emails from your AOL mail account? Well, the AOL server allows you to restore a deleted mail from the trash bin within seven days. But how to recover the deleted emails after seven days? There are still many ways that you can follow to recover deleted AOL emails. In this blog post, we will provide you with the complete procedure and steps you can easily follow to recover the deleted email from AOL. So, follow this complete guide to recover the deleted emails from AOL.

How to Recover Deleted AOL Emails Within 7 Days?

Whenever you first delete an email from the AOL mail inbox, the mail does not get permanently deleted. It first goes to the trash bin, which resides for seven days.
In case it’s not more than seven days from when you have deleted the AOL email, then below are the steps you can follow to recover the deleted email.

  • First, go to the login page of the AOL mail account (
  • Now, log in to your AOL mail account by entering the login password and username in the insert boxes.
  • Then, on the mail account’s home page, click on the trash icon available at the bottom left side of the screen. 
  • You will see all the deleted emails from your account within seven days. 
  • Now, select the emails which you want to recover. 
  • After that, click on the “Action” option.
  • Now, under the drop-down list, click on the “Inbox” option available under the “Move To” heading.

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How to Recover Deleted AOL Emails After 7 Days?

If it’s more than seven days since you have deleted the AOL emails, then there are two recovery methods you can use to recover the deleted emails from your AOL account. These recovery methods are as follows.

  • From AOL Server
  • Through Mail Recovery Software

Case 1. Recovering Deleted AOL Mails From AOL Server

In case you accidentally deleted an important email from the AOL mail account that lasts more than seven days, you can reach the AOL server to recover the deleted mail. Although, this process involves minimal fees to cover the cost of retrieving old mails from the AOL server.

Case 2. Recovering Deleted AOL Mails Through Mail Recovery Software

If you have added the AOL mail account in outlook, then the mail data is stored in the local database. In this scenario, you can restore the deleted mail with the help of the email data recovery program.

Bonus Tips To Prevent Loss of AOL Emails

Here are some important tips you can follow to prevent the loss of AOL emails in your account.

  • Check the trash folder every twice or thrice days. It can easily help to restore the deleted emails in a few minutes.
  • Read all the emails, and deleting any mail without reading it can lead to the loss of important data.
  • Label the different mails per your preference and move them to a new folder. Instead of permanently deleting the mail, you can move the mails to the alternative folder.


So, that’s the end of today’s blog. In this blog post, we have provided all the information and steps that you can follow to recover the deleted emails from the AOL mail account. If you still face problems retrieving the deleted emails, you can reach out to us through the chat box. You can also write us your query at ( Our experienced and professional email experts are available 24*7 at the help desk to answer your query.

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