What is AOL Desktop Gold? Why Do I need it?

what is aol desktop gold
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AOL Desktop Gold is an internet suite, an “All-in-One” platform for the users where they can browse the internet, send or receive emails, play games, and perform various tasks, all of which can be performed without opening any other applications or programs on your computer. However, when anyone recommends this application, the most common question asked by them is do they really need it with so many programs available where they do all these things. Thus here we are discussing what AOL Desktop Gold is and why you need it, along with all the features provided by AOL gold.

About AOL Gold

AOL Gold was initially launched as AOL desktop in the year 2007, where users can browse the internet, play media and communicate with their contact instantly through AOL messenger. After that, with many upgrades and changes, in 2017, AOL desktop Gold was launched, which was a paid version.

Various Features Provided by AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold provides various features with a common goal of providing a great user experience and all other facilities by which there is no need to open any other online application in your system. Various features that AOL Desktop Gold Provides are listed below:

Easy Access to Mails

Through AOL Desktop Gold, you can easily access your mail and also revert to them. Apart from that, AOL Desktop does provide additional security, which will protect your account from getting compromised. Also, with the help of advanced filtering, you can easily have a look at all the attachments, message body, and images all at one location.

Great User Experience

AOL desktop gold was made keeping in mind the requirement of the customer and also a user-friendly interface keeping in mind that they easily access all the features provided by AOL without any hindrance Thus AOL Desktop Gold is a suitable platform for both personal and professional use.

Auto Updates Option in AOL

An auto-update feature is also available in AOL Desktop Gold through which users do not have to manually update the application in the middle of their work.

Easy bookmark your favourite sites

While using AOL Desktop Gold, you can easily bookmark any page which you like, often visit, or you think can be important. You can easily access your bookmark websites with just one click and resume your browsing from where you have left.

All-In-One Platform

While using the AOL Platform, you can easily browse the internet, access your mails, watch videos, and chat with anyone from your contact list. You can easily do all these tasks in AOL Desktop Gold more easily and securely. Thus no need to install any other program while using AOL Desktop.

Why Do I Need AOL Desktop Gold

Users still have a question in their mind that why do they need AOL Desktop Gold. Here, below we have provided enough reasons which might be able to convince you why AOL is the best:

More Secure than other application

AOL Desktop Gold is more secure than any other application/program you are using. It provides you following security features:

  • AOL protects you from online malware that can harm your system and also prevents your mail from getting compromised.
  • Through encryption, your personal data and information will always be safe while using AOL Desktop Gold.
  • With AOL’s anti-keylogging feature, the actual keys that you type on the keyboard are disguised so that hackers might not be able to steal your crucial data like passwords and various others. Also, AOL does warn you whenever you are visiting any harmful or malicious website.
  • AOL Desktop prevents other applications that take screenshots in order to prevent your personal data and information.
Live Support by AOL

Users while using AOL Desktop Gold, can easily contact live support if they have any trouble during the application. Our technical team is available 24/7 to provide user assistance. From them, you can ask for anything ranging from toolbar installation to desktop connectivity and many other features.

No additional Requirement to Install AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop can run easily on any computer with a minimum system requirement than other internet suites. System requirements for AOL Desktop Gold are listed below:

  • Windows 7, 8, Windows 8.1 or 10
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 1024 x 720 or higher screen resolution
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 512 MB free hard disk space

Is AOL Desktop Desktop Gold free

AOL Desktop Gold is available as a paid version. The cost of using AOL is USD 4.99 per month. AOL also provides a 30-day free trial offer. In case you don’t require AOL, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Once you have subscribed to AOL Desktop Gold, you can easily download and install it on your system.

Ending Note

We hope from the above information provided, we might have explained to you what AOL Desktop Gold is, and through various features, we also have provided enough of why you need it. You can easily download and install AOL Desktop Gold from the official rates, and also the monthly fee you need to pay in order to use AOL Desktop Gold is less compared to other programs. In case you still need any other information regarding AOLGold, you can contact our customer care services at +1-(855) 359-2550.

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