How to Unmerge Yahoo Email from AT&T?

Unmerge Yahoo Email From ATT
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Earlier, when you merged AT&T and Yahoo email, then it was considered as a single account, and it was not a separate account. If anyone is not sure about the merged account, then check it now with some crucial information.

  • You log in to your AT&T email account with Yahoo email address
  • Reversely, you use Yahoo login credentials to access AT&T email account
  • You can log in either using an AT&T email address or Yahoo email credentials
  • You receive emails and messages of your both email accounts Yahoo and AT&T emails
  • You use the same login password to access either any of your email account
  • You reset the password but changes for your both email accounts
  • You access Yahoo, but it redirects you to the My AT&T login page.

Many users are using their Yahoo account for a long time and have become so used to working with Yahoo email accounts. Then, an issue arises when Yahoo users couples with AT&T communication. After association with AT&T email, Yahoo features are drastically changed with the AT&T logo and login page. This merger has frustrated users, and they wish to know how to decouple Yahoo email accounts from AT&T email. Let’s go through some steps to unmerge Yahoo email from the AT&T account page. For quick solutions, you must connect with Yahoo Support to decouple Yahoo email from AT&T email immediately.

What are Separation Processes to Unmerge Yahoo Email from AT&T Email?

Some steps are given below to separate the Yahoo email account from the AT&T email.

  • Go to “Google Search” and search for “AT&T email link.”
  • Open the “AT&T login page”, and you have to sign in “My AT&T email account” with a valid “User Id” and “Password”.
  • Now, choose the “profile” option under the “My AT&T” page from the top navigation bar.
  • Under the right “AT&T Email Accounts” option, click on the “Account Profile” option.
  • Then, open the “User Information” tab and choose “Delete Account” available at the right-hand side of the “Member Id” option.
  • Now, wait for a few minutes to display the “Delete Email” confirmation message and choose the “Ok” button to confirm it.
  • Now, move to the “Yahoo Sign-In” page and login with a valid “User Id” and “Password”, and then press on the “Sign-In” option at Yahoo mail.
  • After that, continue with Yahoo Email separately, and choose the “Unmerge” option available at the bottom right corner of your Yahoo Page.
  • That’s it; now Yahoo email is separated from AT&T email account and examines both versions by accessing them separately.


However, after following the above steps, if nothing changes, you must take expert guidance from a technical team by calling Yahoo customer care to get appropriate methods to unmerge Yahoo email from AT&T email immediately. It will help you in decoupling Yahoo email from AT&T communication. Yahoo technical helpdesk is available all time to assist and guide you in resolving any issue in Yahoo email. It has brilliant, trained, and professional staff to keep your problems priority to resolve them with accurate methods. Once you contact them, a technical representative will assist you in fixing any Yahoo email issue.

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