How to Fix AOL Mail not Receiving Emails?

AOL mail not receiving mails
  Jan 06, 2021     Admin

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Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of all your emails, especially if you encounter a technical error that prevents you from receiving emails. AOL users sometimes find that they cannot access their email accounts or new messages do not come through because of a problem with the device settings. You can implement advanced troubleshooting solutions for fixing the issue, but it can be not very easy. That is why it’s probably best to call the AOL phone number and speak to experts to understand the error and what can be done to solve the problem at hand. You can even go through this detailed blog to learn more about some basic solutions that you can implement to fix the AOL mail not receiving emails.

Solutions to Fix AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails

For resolving the issue where you cannot receive the email in AOL mail, you need to implement these troubleshooting solutions:

  • Log Out and Log in Again:

Simple but 100% efficient, this logout and log-in again solution is the first thing you need to try whenever you encounter any error connected to your AOL email account.

  • Access AOL Using a Different Device:

Sometimes you may not receive emails because there is a problem with your computer or mobile phone. So, you need to try opening your AOL mail using a different device.

  • Run a Virus Scan:

If your system is attacked with a malicious virus or malware, you may not be able to use your AOL email account efficiently. You should run a system scan by using the best antivirus software to make sure you are protected.

  • Restart the System:

You have to reboot or restart your device so that the system will clear all the random, unimportant, and temporary data responsible for slowing down performance and causing errors.

  • Check the Network:

If the internet connection is slow or poor, then new emails will not be loaded. You should contact the internet service provider to check your network’s status before you try to log in to your AOL account again. If you still cannot view new emails in your inbox even after implementing the solutions mentioned above, you should dial AOL toll-free number and ask for the experts’ assistance. Trained experts are available 24 hours in a day to help you troubleshoot any error related to your AOL email account.

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