How To Delete A Comcast Email Account? 

how to delete a comcast email account
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Are you among those who are also struggling to get aware of how to delete a Comcast email account? In this article, all the information related to the procedure and method of deleting the Comcast email account is elaborated on. It is relatively easy to clear out your Comcast email permanently. But make sure, by thinking calmly, that you want to delete the account or not. Subsequently, you can’t make use of any of the services of your Comcast email account. 

All necessary steps to permanently delete the Comcast email account have been highlighted here. You need to follow those steps one after one. Then your account will be erased in 90 days. At this span, you can recover it also if you want. Otherwise, it will get deleted automatically. Before moving further, let’s have a brief introduction to Comcast. 

Comcast corporation is as big as any other International company, and it serves hundreds of thousands of people daily with their services. They work in the line of media and technology, with two major divisions functioning on a mass scale: NBC Universal and Comcast cable. 

How to delete a Comcast email account processed?

For deleting the Comcast email account, it is necessary to know the working procedure. So that, in the future, while executing the steps, you know what is happening.

  • Comcast email account suspending: When you start deleting the Comcast email account, it will first rest for 90 days as a suspended account. This process is mainly done voluntarily. During the Suspension period, you cannot get any services through your account. You can only retrieve the account easily if you change your thought of deleting it. If it’s not reactivated, then after spending 90 days, it will be deleted as a matter of course.
  • Eradicating the Comcast email account: This is the next auto-generated step. After the suspension time, it will get deleted permanently without any notice. All the data, including voicemails, emails, drafts, and settings, get cleared, which can’t be retrieved after the eradication of the account.

Note: Making a backup before deleting the Comcast email account is advised. 

Implementation of these things is just before deleting the Comcast email services.

Execution of these points is required for further smooth working. No hindrance in your work will originate while performing all these things. 

  • Keep in mind to provide an alternate mail account to all the connections you have to maintain your relationship or work with them. Otherwise, they will continuously send you emails, thinking your account is still working.
  • Make sure to clear out all the payments and dues of all the subscriptions of Comcast before deleting them.
  • Remove all the social media accounts linked with your Comcast email account and link them all with a new one.
  • Remember that your Comcast Email account will get deleted only after 90 days. So, appeal for it accordingly.

After knowing everything that needed to be done before deleting the Comcast email account, move ahead to follow the process. Executing the above mentioned points is a must, as they are crucial and significant. Neglecting these key points can lead to the removal or vanishing of an important mail or document. 

Know how to delete a Comcast email account permanently.

First method: By reaching out to the Comcast customer service representatives

Step 1. You need to contact the Comcast team to inform them know about your decision. Execute this before deleting the account manually, as they interrogate your issue and the reason for committing it.

Step 2. Clear all the doubts about the process to delete the Comcast email account.

Step 3. Before deleting the account, return all the equipment given at starting time as a formality. 

Step 4. Afterwards, they will give you a brief description. The major point is that 90 days is the deadline, after which your account gets permanently deleted.

Step 5. Succeeding 90 days, the account will get immediately and permanently expunged.

Second Method: Delete the Comcast email account manually

It is convenient to delete the account of the Comcast email services by the operation of hands. Pay attention to each step to delete your Comcast email account. 

Step 1. Open up the browser and lead to the Xfinity login page.

Xfinity comcast emails 
how to delete a comcast email account

Step 2. When the login page appears in front of you, log in to the account you want to delete. Make sure to fill in the valid credentials.

Comcast emails login 
how to permanently delete a comcast email account

Step 3. After logging in, look for the user’s options and click on them. A list of many other options will appear instantly. Choose the user account option out of it.

Step 4. A new page with your Comcast email account information will open up.

Step 5. Select the account name from the list for deleting the same. Then click on it and tap on the “Edit” button.

Step 6. Two choices will be upfront, i.e., Delete the account permanently or temporarily.

remove comcast account 
delete a comcast email account

Step 7. Pick the alternative you prefer and go with it. For temporary suspension, click on temporary deletion. In comparison, please tap on the other option for deleting it permanently.

Remove comcast emails account 
how to delete a comcast email account

Step 8. Your account will get permanently deleted as per your choice. If there is any further confirmation, a notification will come up.

Comcast emails account deleted
delete comcast email account

Finally. In the end, Your Comcast email account will get deleted permanently.

Suppose you think that you made a mistake by deleting your account. Then follow up the procedure for recovering the same. Two methods are there for the same (1) by taking the assistance of the service team or (2) by following the procedure to recover it. 


We hope that you will know with the help of this article- how to delete a Comcast email account permanently. All the significant factors included in this process are highlighted here. If you need more assistance, please be in contact with any of the professionals of the Comcast services team to delete your Comcast Email account. They are available every time, so reach out to them whenever you feel the need. 

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