configure SBCGlobal email in Outlook

How to Configure SBCGlobal email in Outlook?

The outlook is the prominent email programs introduced by Microsoft. It lets you to set-up more than one email account with Outlook. It will support you if you set-up two or three emails simultaneously. In this article, you will come to know how to configure SBCGlobal email in outlook. SBCGlobal was one of the efficient and popular services, but it is losing its popularity as AT&T Email has merged with Yahoo. Nevertheless, the configuration steps are for those who already have an SBCGlobal email account and set-up it with MS Outlook.

These steps will automatically configure your SBCGlobal email account with MS Outlook if you are an android or iPhone user. You can take the support of SBCGlobal customer service to configure it carefully.

What are Steps Followed to Configure SBCGlobal Email in Outlook?

To configure SBCGlobal with Outlook, you need to give incoming and outgoing email servers connection settings. The server’s address will change when SBCGlobal is closed forever, and this domain will be considered invalid. So, you have to merge your SBCGlobal Email account with AT&T email servers because, after the non-existence of SBCGlobal email, you will be receiving and sending emails with AT&T servers.  You must connect and communicate with AT&T for configuration with Outlook.

Please go through the configuration steps mentioned below.

  • Open the MS Outlook application and then, click on the ‘File’ tab. Then, click on the ‘Add Account’ to continue the Account set-up.
  • Now, choose ‘Manual Set-Up or Additional Server Types’ and then press ‘Next.’
  • Now on the Choose Service page, you have to click on POP or IMAP, then press ‘Next.’
  • Next page, you have to enter your name and email address, then look for Account Type option and click at the drop-down menu to choose POP3 option as a server setting
  • At the Incoming mail server section, enter and in the outgoing server field, enter and then in the Logon box, re-enter your email address in the user namespace and sign-in password in the password field. After it has been done, then click on More Settings
  • Next, move to Outgoing Server area and then, further choose My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication’ checkbox
  • Now, choose the ‘Advanced’ tab and tick in the box written ‘This Server Requires An Encrypted Connection (SSL)
  • Then, enter 995 in the Incoming Server (POP3) box and Outgoing server box, enter 465
  • The drop-down menu of the option ‘Use the Following Type of Encrypted Connection’, slide to select ‘SSL.’
  • Now click on OK and then, press to Next to start the configuration of the mailbox.
  • Now click on Finish and then, press on Close to exit the wizard.

To configure your correct SBCGlobal email account, you need to provide the accurate SBCGlobal Email Settings outlook. If you do not enter it correctly, SBCGlobal email may not work properly. When you face any issue, you need to connect with SBCGlobal technical support to fix this issue. Sometimes, you cannot set-up, then one of its technical executives will help you to configure SBCGlobal Email to your account. This service is available for your support and assistance all the time 24/7 hours a week.