How To Fix Common Comcast Email Error Codes?

fix common comcast email error codes
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We get frustrated when we are not able to send or receive emails; it is more irritating when we get an error alert on our screen. At times, Comcast users also face the same issue while accessing their Comcast email. An alert message with a unique code pop-up on your screen shows some technical issues. At that moment, users get furious and don’t know what to do next because if the error doesn’t get fixed with time, it can create issues in receiving or sending emails through your Comcast Account. Go through this blog and read about ways to fix common Comcast email error codes.

What Are The Most Common Comcast error Codes?

The Common Comcast Email Error Codes Are :

  1. Error Code ES000001
  2. Error Code BL000000
  3. Error Code BL000001
  4. Error Code BL000011

How To Fix Common Comcast Email Error Codes?

The solutions for each of these Comcast error codes for email are mentioned below; go through each according to your requirement.

1. Error Code ES000001
Error Code ES000001
common comcast email error codes

The alert of error ES000001 is appearing on your screen because your Email has been restricted or blocked, and now you can’t send or receive any email because the Comcast network finds that you are using a residential or dynamic IP address within Comcast to send an email.

Note: The residential or dynamic IP address is a temporary IP address.


It is not possible for you to remove this error when you are connected to a residential IP address. So, you can eliminate this error, code ES000001 simply by changing the email configuration. Configure Comcast webmail with SMTP as the outgoing email server.

2. Error Code BL000000
Error Code BL000000

The error code BL000000 basically shows that the Email you sent is in a pattern that seems to be spam to the Comcast network. And your email server has been blocked for some time, to protect email security.

Note: The mail server is actually shared by different users; nobody has an individual mail server. Thus, if you are not the one who sends the spam message, it may be possible that someone else does.


You can simply contact your email service provider and ask for help, share the error message with them that you got so that they can help you in solving the problem, as the error message has some important information. Also, update them about their outbound spam problem, as by doing this, you can save yourself from getting blocked in the future.

3. Error Code BL000001
Error Code BL000001

If you are getting an error message of Error Code BL000001 and you are not able to send an email, it means that your IP address is in the list of Spamhaus Zen. Spamhaus Zen is a collection of IP addresses that are found to send spam emails. This list is made to save other users from getting spam.

Note: Not just Comcast but various other service providers also have this Spamhaus Zen list.


To solve this error, you can contact the Spamhaus SBL/XBL. Write down the error details which is on your screen, then contact Comcast Customer Care and ask them for help. You will receive all the instructions about how to visit the Spamhaus website to eliminate the Error Code BL000001, along with additional help if needed.

4. Error Code BL000011
Error Code BL000011
comcast error codes for email

If your IP address is present in the list of Cloud mark Sender Intelligence (CSI), you will not be able to send or receive emails to anyone, and an Error Code BL000011 alert will appear on your screen. This is an alert from Comcast to tell you that you are sending spam emails.

Note: They use this error to help their users from getting spam emails.


To remove the blockage, you have to consult and connect the CSI team and your email service provider as well. Also, share the error message alert with them to get a proper solution.
To get in touch with the Cloudmark Sender Intelligence (CSI) team, visit their website. To get knowledge about how to ask for the removal of the blockage.

Final Words

By following this blog, your Comcast error for email will get removed. However, if you are stuck with the issues, even after doing all these things, then you can contact us at or call us at +1-855-359-2550 our team of experts is available 247 to help you out with their experience and knowledge.
Feel free to call us anytime.

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