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AOL Desktop Gold is one of the most secure platforms for users where they can send emails, chat,  stream music & video, chat and play games all at once. Although AOL can be a paid service, it is worth your money. Many users who want to try this application are unable to use it because they cannot download it. Here we will tell you how to download AOL Desktop Gold on both Windows and MacOS along with all other related details like system requirements, subscription fee, and various features offered by AOL through this internet suite application. Read the article further to learn about AOL Desktop Gold download and installation.

Why should I download AOL Desktop Gold?

Many users still have doubt in their minds about AOL Desktop Gold download on their system. We can answer this question by telling you about various features offered by AOL gold which are listed below:

Various AOL Mailing features:- Users who are using AOL services are benefited from the various security features. Your mail account will be secured from hackers and other malware. Through mailing in AOL Desktop Gold, users do not need to open the whole mail. They can easily look for the message body and whether it has any attachments or whether they are harmful or not.

Great User Experience and Customizable Fonts with AOL :- You can easily use AOL Desktop Gold because of the great user interference in which you can easily access any of the features like mail, chats, streaming, and gaming.

Bookmarking your Favourite Website on AOL Browser:- Through AOL Desktop Gold, you can easily bookmark your favourite website or the pages you think are important, and there will be a need to access them again in the future. When you bookmark any website in AOL Desktop Gold, you can easily access them with just one click.

Various AOL Security Benefits and Anti-Phishing Features:- With various security features provided to users while browsing and mailing, like anti-keylogging, preventing screenshot capturing, phishing or fraudulent alerts, and various other security benefits, users can safely browse the internet and freely send mail to anyone in their contact list.

AOL Auto-Updates:- You do not have to manually update the software whenever there is an update available.

Minimum System Requirement to Download AOL Gold Desktop

Your computer should meet the following specification before you start AOL Desktop Gold download:

  • You need to have an Operating System of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
  • The processor speed should be 1 GHz or more.
  • Screen resolution should be 1024*720 or higher.
  • RAM should be a minimum of 1GB or more.
  • Free hard disk space of 512 MB.

How to Download AOL Desktop for Windows 10

You can easily download AOL Desktop Gold from the official AOL website. Users can initially enjoy 30-day trial offers, monthly charges to keep AOL Desktop Gold Running. Windows users can follow the given steps in order to download AOL Gold Desktop on their system:

  • Visit the official website of AOL products and services and click this link:
  • There, at the bottom of the page, under the section “Software and Download,” click “AOL Desktop for Windows.”
  • Once you click the option, the download will automatically start.

In order to set up AOL Desktop Gold, you need to subscribe to the paid version by login through your AOL account and providing all the necessary details like card number for payment deduction and other useful information.

Users who have already subscribed for Premium services can follow the given steps:

Download AOL Desktop for AOL Advantage Member:-

  • You need to sign in to the My Benefit Page
  • Select AOL Desktop Gold from “All Products”
  • Click “Download Now,” and it will automatically start downloading.

Download AOL Gold for Already Subscribed Users:-

Login to your AOL Desktop Gold account.

  • Go to “My Services” and after that, “Subscription”
  • Select AOL Desktop Gold and click on “Get Started.”
  • After downloading, install the AOL Desktop Gold on your system.

Download AOL Desktop Gold from the link in the Email:-

In case you have an AOL account and have shown interest in AOL Desktop Gold, you might have received a mail from which you can download from the given steps:

  • Open your AOL account and search for “Get started with AOL Desktop Gold.”
  • Open the mail and there you can find the link marked “Download AOL Gold Desktop” or “Update Now.” Click on that link, and the download will start automatically.
  • Installation file will be available in the download folder.

How to Install AOL Desktop on Windows 10?

Follow the given step in order to Install AOL Desktop Gold on your system:

  • Go to the download folder and search for the install AOL Desktop icon.
  • Double-click on the icon and click on “Run,” and then “Install Now.”
  • The installation will start automatically, and once installed, you need to restart your system.

From the above discussion, we can hopefully conclude that now you are able to download and install AOL Desktop Gold on your system. Please make sure that AOL Desktop Gold is available as a paid service, so you need to pay USD 6.99 on a monthly basis once you have subscribed to AOL Desktop Gold Plan. In case you are still having trouble with AOL Desktop Gold, you can easily contact our technical expert team, who can easily assist you and tell you how to set up AOL Desktop on your computer.

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