How to Fix “Can’t Login To Aol Email Account” Issue?

Fix Can't Login To Aol Email Account Issue
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Recently, AOL mail has shut down, and due to this, many users faced issues while logging in as they could not do so. Some of you may panic and immediately look for a quick fix for your “can’t log in to AOL email account” Issue. That is why we have come up with this article to ease your worries; we have gathered some of the best and most reliable solutions to help you fix your AOL login problem.

Speaking of AOL is an internet service provider widely working efficiently in the USA. But, in recent years, it has been disclosed that Verizon sold it, which affects its email services cause no one is ready to take the risk and provide better services. Therefore, it also affects users’ credibility and causes multiple users to experience login issues.

Why Can’t I log in to My AOL Account?

Users cannot get into AOL email due to the unauthorized login procedure. Other reasons are listed down below:-

Incorrect Login Details:- AOL email server will only let you access your Account if you have entered valid login details.
Blocked Account:- Your Account may be blocked cause AOL has never liked spamming activities, and if they find any suspicious activity on your mail account. The servers will block your Account temporarily or forever.
Server Issues:- There can be times when the server cannot accept your login request, which can happen when servers are either under maintenance or down due to heavy website traffic. So, whenever you face such issues, please check whether the AOL servers are currently down.
System Issue:- Most of the users are unable to log in to their AOL email accounts due to browser, apps, and local settings issues, and it is important that you must verify the app settings as well.

When you cannot access the AOL mail account, it will show an error message on the device’s screen. That explains why you can’t log in to your AOL account.

Here’s the list of the errors:

  • Your Username & Password is invalid.
  • Cannot sync to AOL (this error may display on the mail application).
  • The server is temporarily down; the error code is 500.
  • The browser shows blank pages
  • Your connection is not secure & private
  • The screen shows: Cannot find this page or cannot connect to this page.

If you are accessing the AOL account via a desktop application, then the error can be related to the following errors:-

  • AOL IMAP is not Working Error

How Can I Resolve the “Can’t Login to AOL Email Account” Issue?

We have now discussed the most common causes for AOl email login issues. And it is now time to resolve them:

Method 1. Change AOL Login Password

Suppose AOL won’t let you sign in to the Account due to the username/password error. There are also high chances of incorrect login info during the sign-in procedure, and we suggest you reset your account password to resolve the error.

  • Navigate to
  • Type in your AOL username and click on the Next button.
  • Once done, you can hit the Forget Password link under the sign-in button.
  • If you find the phone number verification process, then click on the Next option. If you cannot verify your Account through it, you can select press to try another way to sign in option.
  • Now, enter your AOL verification code sent to you on the phone or email according to your requirement.
  • You can now create a new AOL email account login password.
  • Press the save option after typing in your new AOL account password.
Method 2. Check Your IMAP & POP Server

If you currently use, the AOL emails login problem on third-party applications such as Outlook, mail app, etc. Then, you must set up your account settings properly with the correct IMAP & POP3 address.

Because of this, you will not be able to access the AOL mail account on the email clients such as MS Outlook or any other application, as well as android & iPhone devices.

Your server information should be similar to the following ones:-

  • Server Address (IMAP) – Port Number – 993
  • Server POP Address –, Port No. 995
  • SMTP Server Address –
  • Port No: 465 or 587

To regain access to your AOL account, you should change the account details and resync the Account with the mail server.

Method 3. Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes, the internet connection must be established properly, creating trouble signing in to AOL mail. In this scenario, you can check your internet connection and log in to your AOL account.

Also, if you can still fix the “can’t login to AOL email account” issue, you can switch off the security programs and firewalls as an alternative.

Method 4. Turn Off Antivirus & Security Programs

Do you know that the VPN or Antivirus blocks the server and does not allow you to have access to your email account? In this scenario, you can disable your antivirus and try to re-login to your online Account. Here are the steps to maintain your antivirus and firewall settings.

  • To start, Open Firewall in your search bar.
  • Navigate to the advanced settings and then allow the apps.
  • From the wizard, choose Inbound rules from the window defender firewall with advanced security on the local system.
  • You can check AOL; if it’s disallowed, then allow it.
  • Lastly, navigate to the outbound rules and allow the ports of AOL email.

How Do You Resolve the “Can’t Login to AOL Email Account” Issue on the iPhone?

If you cannot log into the AOL mail account on the iPhone, it works fine on the browser or the Pc’s mail application. Please make some changes to the iPhone to troubleshoot the AOL email login issues.

  • Navigate to Settings on the iPhone.
  • Afterwards, go to the mail option>> accounts>>calendars option (in your recent iPhone, you will have access to your accounts & passwords.)
  • Tap on the AOL account and then swipe up.
  • Click the delete account option and hit OK on the pop-up notifications.

Once the AOL account gets deleted from the iPhone, navigate to the mail settings and re-add your Account.

  • First of all, open your accounts & password again.
  • Click on the add account option and then choose AOL from the list.
  • Next, enter your name, email, and password, and tap Next after filling in the information.
  • Select what type of AOL service you want to sync on the AOL mail account and click on the OK button after choosing them.

Now, you will set up your Account on your iPhone; you can navigate to the mail app to have a conversation.


In this write-up, we discussed multiple tried & trusted techniques to troubleshoot the inability to log in to the AOL email account issue. These solutions can help you resolve the AOL login issue, where you get all the manual approaches to fix the problem. For any AOL- related query, you can reach us anytime via our Comcast email support at +1(855)359-2550.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot access your AOL mail account and get the “this password has been changed a while ago error. Then, you need to reset your AOL password.

This error shows up when you have violated the AOL mail policies. Due to this, AOL has blocked your Account permanently or temporarily. You must contact the AOL mail team to unblock your Account in such circumstances.

Suppose you have enabled the auto sign-in helper on the AOL account. You will get the OTP on your mobile phone when you enable the sign-in helper if you have enabled the auto-fill password on the browser.

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