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aol blerk error 3
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AOL Mail is one of the prominent web-based email services that have millions of users. It has so many advanced and unique features that make AOL popular among users. But sometimes, while Signing in to the account, many AOL users end up with AOL Blerk Error 3. This Error is really annoying and hard to fix if you don’t know the exact steps. Thus to help you out in fixing this problem, here is a step-by-step guide from our end.

What are the Causes behind AOL Blerk Error 3?

Before running for the solution, you first have to understand what are the causes that promote the AOL Mail Blerk Error 3.

  1. You might be facing Browser Issues. In simple words, if the AOL mail is not compatible with the Browser, or if you are using an outdated browser, it can lead to Blerk Error 3 in your System.
  2. The presence of a Firewall and Antivirus can also be the cause of this Error. It is because the Firewall can create hindrances for you while you try to access your AOL mail.
  3. Alternatively, Corrupted or damaged AOL Desktop Gold Files can also be the reason behind Blerk Error 3 in AOL.
  4. Moreover, this Error can appear in your System due to network outrage as well.

How to Recognize AOL Blerk Error 3?

Now, let’s give you a few signs and symptoms of Blerk Error 3 that can help you identify the Error in your System.

  1. You will not be able to sign into your AOL account.
  2. There will be an error message on your screen that says:

“We’re sorry, but there was an error loading the message you requested. Please try again later. ERR:3.”
“GAH! An error occurred while loading a file. Please try again later. ERR:3.” 
“We’re sorry, but there appears to be a problem loading the AOL software. Please try again later. ERR:3.” 

What are the verified ways to fix AOL Blerk Error 3?

Now, once you have identified the Blerk Error in your device, you can move ahead and check the steps given below to fix the Error immediately.

Solution 1: Delete all the Cache & Cookies

Cache and cookies are temporary files stored in your computer whenever you visit a website. With time these temporary files get accumulated and result in various technical problems, like Blerk Error 3. Thus, clear the cache and cookies to fix this Error:

  1. Launch your Browser and navigate to the Settings button.
  2. Thereafter, find Prvacy and History stab, and select the Clear Browsing history data or clear history.
  3. Click on the Clear CACHE AND Cookies tab.
  4. Now, restart your browser and try to log in to AOL mail again.

Solution 2: Log in to AOL using another Browser

At times, you might face AOL Mail Blerk Error 3 due to an incompatible web browser. Thus try logging in to your AOL mail using a different browser. You can try Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or any other browser as well.

Note: In case you don’t have another browser on your device, install one.

Solution 3: Turn Off the Security Software

In case you are facing Blerk Error 3 due to the hindrance of the Antivirus, then you have to Disable the Antivirus for some time. The security software blocks the AOL Server from connecting to your System. Thus fix it by turning off the security software.
After you disable the Firewall, try to log in to your AOL mail again and check if the Error disappeared or not.

Note: Enable the Firewall again once the Error is resolved. 

Solution 4: Change AOL Email Password

If none of the above steps work in fixing the Error you are facing, then try to fix it by resetting your Password.

  1. Launch your Browser and go to the AOL login page.
  2. Thereafter, enter your AOL Email and its current Password.
  3. Now, once your AOL Email is open, click on your profile picture. This will take you to your Account page.
  4. After that, select Account Security from the left panel available on the screen.
  5. Moving ahead, choose the Change Password tab.
  6. Now, provide a new password, and re-enter it correctly for confirmation.
    • Note: In case you have a doubt, click on Show Password to verify it.
  7. Lastly, tap on the Continue button, and you are done.
Ending Note!

In the Current blog, we have discussed how to troubleshoot AOL Blerk Error 3 effortlessly. However, if you are facing any trouble while fixing the problem, you can simply consult our Email professional and ask for help. You can get in touch by dialing our Toll-free number +1(855) 359-2550 or selecting the live chat option available at the bottom of the page (Help box). These professionals are available 24X7 to help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Blerk Error 1 is an authentication error faced by AOL users that may occur due to the presence of an Outdated Browser in your System. Thus whenever you end up with AOL Blerk Error 1, immediately check for a Web Browser update.

In case you are finding it difficult to log in to your AOL mail, it can be due to the AOL Server outrage. Thus go to Google and search for Is AOL Server Down today? You will find your answer in the top searches only. Additionally, you can also check on about the AOL Server status.

The Blerk error mainly appears in your device due to an authentication issue, and the AOL server fails to identify your login details. Apart from that presence of a Firewall can be another major cause of this Error.

To rectify the AOL Blerk error simply update your web browser to its latest version. However, if this won’t work, you can also change your browser and try to log in to AOL Mail again.

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