How to Resolve Aol Gold Desktop not Responding?

How to Resolve Aol Gold Desktop not Responding?
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Are you looking for a way to resolve Aol Gold Desktop not Responding problem? If so is the case, then follow this blog and grab your solution.

Many people are using AOL Desktop Gold these days, as it is in trend. The majority of people love it because of the kind of features it provides. But some people are also facing a lot of problems while using it. It may be due to app issues or some corruption in your file. Thus, in this blog, we have provided you with a simple but clear guide to fix your AOL Desktop Gold problems.

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What Evokes AOL Desktop Gold not Responding issue?

Before moving ahead with the troubleshooting of AOL Desktop Problems, you first need to know the reasons that promote this Error:

  • There is some issue while installing or downloading the AOL Desktop Gold program.
  • Your System is full of malware & Viruses.
  • Corrupted AOL Desktop Program.
  • Your Systems hard disk is damaged, which is leading to the AOL issue.
  • Some application installed in your System is not compatible with the AOL Desktop Gold software.

Point to Remember while troubleshooting AOL Desktop Gold

Let’s discuss a few points that are essential while fixing the AOL issues in your System:

  1. Provide a stable Internet connection to fix any issues due to that.
  2. Look for the AOL Server status.

Apt ways to Resolve AOL Desktop Gold not Responding Error

Now after collecting all the important information about the problem, let’s understand the exact ways that you can use to troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold’s not responding issue.

1st Solution: Verify your Device is Compatibility

When AOL Desktop Gold stops responding in your System, then first and foremost, you have to check the device compatibility with the AOL app. It might be possible that your Device is not meeting the minimum requirement needed to use AOL Desktop Gold in a system. Thus look at the point discussed below to grab the knowledge about the minimum requirement.

  1. Verify if your System has Windows 7 or a higher version.
  2. In case you are an iOS user then, you mus have iOS 10 or newer versions.
  3. The screen resolution must not be less than 1066*768px.
  4. Make sure that the processor is of 266MHz.
  5. The hard drive memory must not be less than 512 MB of ram.
2nd Solution: Switch off the Antivirus

A user can also encounter the AOL Desktop Gold not responding issues due to the presence of a firewall or some other security software in your System. The Antivirus works as a safeguard to your System, and blocks the AOL software, considering it to be an uncertain tool.

Hence you have to disable it for 3 minutes or more and then open the AOL desktop Gold program.

3rd Solution: Close the AOL Desktop Gold Program using Force Stop

At times users face AOL Desktop Problems due to some unknown reason which can be fixed very seamlessly by using the Force Stop option. However, the procedure to do so is different for all devices.

Shut Down AOL app on Mac:

  • In the beginning, right-click on the AOL Desktop Gold app icon available on the screen.
  • Next, hit the Force Stop or Quit option to shut down the AOL Program

Steps to Shut Down AOL app on Windows device:

  • Initially, Click the Windows + R key to open the Run Box.
  • Thereafter, write Taskmgr in the search box, and hit the enter button.
  • Next, check the processor tab, and from there, choose AOL Desktop Gold Program.
  • Finish the process by hitting the End the task tab.
4th Solution: Existence of Corrupted Files

You may encounter AOL Desktop Gold not responding Error due to the presence of corrupted files in your System. The corrupted files can create hindrance that leads to AOL Desktop Gold being discontinued in your System. Hence you have to restart your System and review if the problem is resolved. In case the problem is still persistent, then you have to remove the AOL app from your System and install it back.

To uninstall the program in Windows, you have to go to the Program & Features tab. Then from the options available, choose the AOL Desktop Gold app, and uninstall it.

To do the same on a Mac device, you have to click on the AOL Gold App and swipe it to the Trash Folder.

After you are done with uninstallation, install the AOL Gold app again by visiting their official website.

5th Solution: Switch Off the Present VPN & Proxy Servers

One can access the AOL App by using their original IP address only. Case you have Proxy servers or VPN installed on your device, it can create AOL Desktop Gold not responding problem in your Device. Hence, switch it off and open the AOL app.

6th Solution: Remove the Virus Present in your Device

Generally, the user may encounter AOL issues due to viruses or malware present in your System. The virus corrupts the major files present in your System and stops you from accessing other apps. Thus, Scan your overall System with an antivirus.

Once the scanning is done, access the AOL app again.

Bottom Line!

The above-mentioned method can help you in resolving AOL Desktop Gold not responding to Errors very efficiently. For any additional help, you can use the help box given below to consult an email professional any time of the day.

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